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Annual Cleanup Day, April 12, 2014


The annual Covington Cleanup Day was held on April 12. Thanks to all who took part! We had wonderful participation, and, in a new addition to the day, children and their accompanying adults planted wildflowers in the Little Woods at Babashaw and Jersey. They will look beautiful when they bloom next year at this time! There were Virginia bluebells, ferns, woods phlox, bloodroot, and trilliums that will all bloom grow and bloom for years to come.

Annual Meeting 2013
Covington's Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, November 19 at 7:00 p.m. A quorum was established with 74 members represented either by attending or having provided a proxy.

Margot DeMuro and John Kupiec were reelected to 3-year terms, running from December 2013 to November 2016.

John Kupiec, treasurer, presented the Association's financial statements for the past year and the budget for 2014.

Margot DeMuro, president, outlined completed activities in 2013 and reported on possible activities for 2014.

Donna Royston read the Grounds Committee 2013 report for chair Tom Biesiadny, who could not be present.

Andrew Golkin, of Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling, gave a presentation on home maintenance and repair.

Covington’s Annual Meeting is the time for the association members (homeowners) to gather and elect members of the Board of Directors and discuss the important subjects that concern us all: budget, dues, community upkeep, and other concerns.

Grounds Committee Activities

The Grounds Committee planted young trees throughout the neighborhood in November. This is part of a multiyear effort to replace numerous trees that have been lost over the years.
Residents are encouraged to submit suggestions for tree replacements and new plantings to Samantha Winterstine at AMV (our management company), 703-530-1550.

Your Board of Directors, Dec. 2013-Nov. 2014

Margot DeMuro

John Kupiec

Donna Royston

Rebecca Somers

Ralph Thompson

Upcoming Events



 Important Items to Remember

Residents with HOA-related questions and issues should contact Samantha Winterstine at American Management of Virginia. The phone number is (703) 530-1550.

You can also post a discussion topic that is relevant to the community at large to the Google Group.
Removal of large household items

Disposing appliances and furniture requires special pickup that is not part of the Covington Association’s trash removal service.  DO NOT PLACE THESE ITEMS CURBSIDE AND EXPECT THEM TO MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR!  Call ADS at 703-368-0500 to make these arrangements.  Additional fees may apply; they are the individual’s responsibility.


Vehicles parked in designated fire lanes, blocking or impeding another vehicle or along a yellow curb are subject to towing without notice.  Contact Battlefield Towing 703-378-0059 to report parking violations.

Assigned parking spaces are limited to one per townhouse, except for those on public streets or portions of Section I, which have no assigned spaces. 

Exterior changes

All changes to the exterior of a townhouse and the grounds require the Covington Association’s approval.  This includes, but is not limited to, decks, sheds, fences, exterior paint colors, roof shingle changes, etc.  Generally speaking, any change to the exterior design or appearance of the original townhouse must be approved before any modifications are made.

Pet Feces Cleanup

Pet owners MUST scoop up after their pets.  Fairfax County’s ‘pooper scooper’ law imposes fines of up to $250.

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