2016-11-19  201611190282 
3111 SOUTH ST., COVENTRY, CT 06238 

1 | JAN VAN DE MORTEL |3.0  
|W 3|W 2|W 4|  CT | 12560250
R: 2527 ->2527 Q: 2420 ->2422 
|W 8|L 1|W 5|  MA | 12906776
R: 1800 ->1810 Q: 1790 ->1800
3 | TOM BEECHEY |2.0  
|L 1|W 8|W 6|  CT | 12441142
R: 1704 ->1711 Q: 1589 ->1600 
|D 5|W 6|L 1|  MA | 12447888 
R: 1904 ->1900 Q: 1953 ->1943 
5 | SCOTT J MC KEE |1.5 
|D 4|W 7|L 2|  CT | 12734438
R: 1594 ->1628 Q: 1594P10->1645P13 
6 | LUIS R DELGADO |1.0  
|W 7|L 4|L 3|  CT | 12543711
R: 1300 ->1350 Q: 1318 ->1352 
7 | DAVID M HALL |0.0  
|L 6|L 5|U |  MA | 11208657
R: 1747 ->1693 Q: 1625 ->1575 
|L 2|L 3|U |  CT | 16175480 
R: Unrated->1300P2 Q: Unrated->1199P2
EastConn Chess tournament had eight very strong chess players competing.  IM Jan Van de Mortel won all three of his games thus winning 1st-Place.  Gaetano Bompastore of WMCA shared 2nd-Place and U2000 prizes with Tom Beechey of Mystic Chess Club.
Specials thanks to Elizabeth, who allows us into her home, and cooked our hot lunch; Sausage and Peppers, Ziti and Meatballs.  
Special thanks to WMCA (Western Mass Chess Assoc).  They ran a carpool to Coventry with three Class-A players.  Thanks also to these chess clubs;  UConn-1, NBCC-1, Hebron-1, Coventry-1, Mystic-1.
WMCA is a conglomerate of chess clubs in Western Mass.  They publish "Skittles Room" magazine.  Rob wrote for this publication and helped with production.  
Rob was friends with the infamous David Lees of Springfield, who was a prime mover for chess.  Rob ran several inter-collegiate chess championships at UMass in Amherst and at UConn in Storrs. 

WMCA is also responsible for the success of the new Stafford Springs Chess Club.  This club features several strong WMCA players each Thursday night.

WMCA shares the same difficulty that EastConn has.  WMCA is too far away to attract Boston area players, whereas EastConn is far away for the players from the New Haven and New Britain areas. 
EastConn is joining forces with WMCA to support each other's events.  Rob will be organizing carpools to the WMCA events.  See our "Calendar" and/or "Carpool" pages for details.
Luis Delgado vs. Tom Beechey
Scott McKee  vs  Gaetano Bompastore
Jan Van de Mortel vs Aleks Brancic
Gaetano Bompastore vs. Scott McKee
  Rob Roy - 64th Birthday cake.  Liz Glick.

Connecticut Chess Magazine

Saturday Jan. 7, 2017

Nathan Hale Winter Open
3-SS. G/60 d5.  USCF-Rated Chess Tournament.  Cash Prizes: 1st-$240, 2nd-$120, Top U2000-$120 b/12 entries, more per entries.  Rob Roy Chess Center, 3111 South St., Coventry, CT 06238.  Enter at site 9:30-10:30 am $50 cash only. Rd. 1 - 11 am. Rds. 2-3 asap.  Adults Only. Free refreshments. Snow date: Sunday Jan 8.  (860) 742-5562