Chess event held despite snowstorm.

A small group of dedicated chess enthusiasts braved a 6 inch snowstorm to play in the USCF-rated chess tournament in Coventry, Connecticut.

Isaiah Glessner of Hartford scored 3-0 winning the event.  9-year-old Ann Song of Farmington scored 2-1 to finish 2nd.   USCF Report

Rob Roy, td, said next event is Sat. Feb. 4, will honor his close friend Julius Fuster.  Fuster served chess as an expert, columnist, organizer and coach in Waterbury CT.

Isaiah Glessner vs. Rob Ashley

Ann Song, 9, vs Eric Liebeskind

Rob Roy Chess Center, 3111 South Street, Coventry CT

Total snow accumulations during Jan 7

The snowstorm had severe impact on attendance.

Connecticut Chess Magazine