Rob Roy Chess Center  3111 South Street
Coventry Connecticut USA - (860)742-5562
USCF Chess Tournaments every month
$30 Entry Fee - Cash Prizes, 3-SS, G/60;d5.

Sept 9       Oct 7         Nov 4           Dec 2

2018 Tentative Dates;
Jan 6   Feb 3   Mar 3
Apr 7   May 5   June 2


Rob Roy Chess Center

This tournament honors
all stand-up comedians
Top Ten Comedians
Jerry Seinfeld
Robin Williams
Rodney Dangerfield
George Carlin
Steve Martin
Richard Pryeor
Steven Wright
Amy Schumer
Sam Kinison
Redd Foxx

There are many more comedians
that I love, it was difficult to pick
my favorite ten.