Saturday, May 13
Today we honor Native Americans

Native American Open
3111 South St., Coventry CT.  We draw Round 1 at 12 Noon, call if late 860 742-5562 EF: $30   Prizes: 1st-$160, 2nd-$80 b/8.  9-point matches.  B section 2:00 pm.  EF: $15   Prizes: 1st-$40, 2nd-$20 b/4. Free drinks and snacks.  $1 Chouettes.  No Children. Spectators are welcome. Tournament play optional.

Sat May 13   Backgammon Tournament

Coventry Backgammon Club

EF: $30 Prizes: 1st-$120, 2nd-$60, 3rd-$60 b/8. 9-point matches. No Children. Free drinks and snacks. We draw Round 1 at 12 Noon sharp. 860 742-5562
New Procedures: HARD DEADLINE 11:45 am Please arrive between 11:00 and 11:45 pm to enter the tournament. We feel 12 Noon is the perfect time to schedule the start of the tournament. If you are on the way, and might be late for the 11:45 deadline, then telephone 860 742-5562 (no texts). Please pay your entry fee to the TD upon arrival.
CONSOLATION FLIGHTS With the adoption of consolation flights, we will no longer need B-Sections. Consolation flights will now be 7-point matches. Prizes will be 1st, 2nd (finalist) and 3rd (consolation winner). Based on 8 players; 1st - $120, 2nd - $60, 3rd - $60. These amounts chosen because evenly divisible.
SIDE POOLS We now offer an optional side pool. $10. The participating player who goes furthest in the main flight wins the entire pool.
PLEASE SERVICE YOURSELF You can have anything you want for free. Drinks are inside coolers only to keep them cold for you. Things are kept in cabinets only to stay clean and organized.
FREE: Coffee, Snacks, chips, juices, sodas, beer, liquor, ice. Rob pays an entry fee like everyone else. He has the right to focus on his game, so please avoid interrupting his game for trivial matters.
SPECIAL THANKS TO LIZ She does not play backgammon, but rather enjoys talking to our players. We ask our guests to please wait until 11:00 am to arrive. Liz and I do as much as we can the day prior, but many chores must be done that morning.
BRASS CITY BACKGAMMON CLUB We have adopted all the same rules and conventions as the Brass City Backgammon Club We value their opinions and welcome their input on all matters.
VOLUNTARY DONATIONS People donated $68 into the money jar. This pays for free food and drink at our next tournament. Thank you.

Site is 3111 South Street, Coventry Connecticut


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Coventry Backgammon Club

Coventry Backgammon Club
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