Rob Roy of Coventry won the St. Patrick Backgammon Open with a 3-0 score. Adrian Costa of Bristol finalist, and Al Cantito of Naugatuck won consolation. || || || || || || 8 players at Coventry Backgammon Club held March 18; 3 local players, and 5 players from Brass City Backgammon Club that came in carpools from Waterbury area. || We wish to thank Elizabeth for our lunch. We are thankful for the voluntary donations towards lunch. || We thank the BCBC for their support, special thanks to Jim Sisti, Ed Corey, and Al Cantito for their special help with consolation flights and side pools. The BCBC also devised a system for chouettes that simplifies payment and the rotation of players. The BCBC now has a Facebook Page. The BCBC meets in Waterbury on the 3rd Thurs/mo. (next is April 20, 6pm) All other Thurs. they meet in Oxford CT. || Sat. April 1 is a special "April Fools Day" open house for backgammon at Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center in Storrs Center. Free competition starting at 10 am. The general public is invited, free backgammon lessons all day. || Next Coventry Backgammon is Sat. April 15

2017 Schedule

Dates below are in Coventry CT
Jun 10  Backgammon
Jul 15   Backgammon
Aug 12  Backgammon
Sep 16  Backgammon
Oct 14  Backgammon
Nov 11  Backgammon
Dec 9    Backgammon

Coventry Backgammon Club

Coventry Backgammon Club

Also on April 15, Sat. 10:30 AM  Beginners Class, Coventry

Free Backgammon Class for Intermediate Players

Free coffee and donuts.  Learn how to use the Doubling Cube.  Learn how to play tournament matches. Learn how to play "Chouettes" a form of backgammon with 3 or more players. Chouettes offers opportunity for discussion during the game.
Students must already know the basics about how the men move around the board.  Beginner classes (checker-play) is separate class held later.
No advance registration is necessary.  Just show up at the site by 10:45. After the class will be a free backgammon tournament.  You may also stay and play informal games, join a chouette, or just watch.
Here are some advantages the Coventry Backgammon Club has when compared with other backgammon programs:

1) No membership dues.
2) No registration fees.
3) The drinks are free.
4) The snacks are free.
5) Equipment is provided.
6) No need to tip anyone.
7) Backgammon players given priority service.
8) 100 percent of entry fees returned as prizes.
9) Backgammon never at risk of being cancelled.

We are a small group looking for new players for our monthly tournaments. We are within 50 miles of Springfield, Worcester, Providence, New London, New Haven, and Hartford.

I have been aggressively promoting the Coventry Backgammon Club to players in Connecticut, Springfield Mass, Worcester Mass, and Rhode Island.

Traffic is light on a Saturday morning.  So please consider driving in to attend one of our events.  Feel free to telephone us at (860) 742-5562 (cannot text to this phone).

These photos taken by Jim Sisti