Top Facebook Backgammon People
Phil Simborg                 Pro Backgammon Player & Teacher, Chicago USA
Masayuki Mochizuki              Pro Backgammon Player & Teacher, Mitaka, Tokyo
Michihito Kageyama                    Pro Backgammon Player & Teacher, Sakai-shi, Osaka, Japan
Mike Natanzon                               Pro Backgammon Player & Teacher, Las Vegas NV USA
Rob Roy                               Backgammon Player & Organizer, Coventry CT USA
TC Erhan Doğrusöz               Backgammon Player, Istanbul, Turkey
Emil Phillip Mortuk               Backgammon Player, Michigan USA
Chris Cavanagh                              Backgammon Player, Norwalk CT USA
Rick Janowski                      Backgammon Player, Rochdale UK
Nevzat Dogan                      Backgammon Player, Konya, Turkey
Franck Levy                         Backgammon Player, Paris, France
Tim Line                              Backgammon Player, Trowbridge, Wiltshire UK
Chiva K Tafazzoli                  Backgammon Player & Organizer, Cuba
Tobias Hellwag                     Pro Backgammon Player & Teacher, Munich, Germany
Rochelle Hasson                            Backgammon Player,  Putnam Valley NY USA
Howard Markowitz               Backgammon Player & Teacher, Las Vegas NV USA
Ernest McCombs                  Backgammon Player,  Dallas TX USA      
Jon Vietor                           Backgammon Player & Teacher, San Francisco CA USA
Marco Fornasir                     Backgammon Player, Sesto Calende Italy
Roger Matlofsky                    Backgammon Player, Monroe NY USA
Rory Pascar                          Backgammon Player & Organizer, Chicago IL USA
Jim Sisti                              Backgammon Player & Organizer, Beacon Falls CT USA
Tim Cross                             Backgammon Player, Preston Lancashire UK
Leonardo Jerković                 Backgammon Player, Dubrovnik Croatia
Marian Cristian Tudorache       Backgammon Player, Sibiu Romania
Antoinette-Marie Williams      Backgammon Player, NYC NY USA
Fernando Neumark                Pro Backgammon Player & Teacher, Bueno Aries Argentina
Alexander Auer                     Backgammon Player, Dusseldorf Germany
Tony Tabet                             Backgammon Player, Beirut, Lebanon
John O'Hagan                         Pro Backgammon Player & Teacher, Indiana
Troy Longman                        Backgammon Player & Organizer, New York
Akiko  Yazawa                        Backgammon Player,  unknown

There are many more people who deserve to be on this list.
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March 18, Sat. 10:30 AM

Free Backgammon Class for Intermediate Players

Free coffee and donuts.  Learn how to use the Doubling Cube.  Learn how to play tournament matches. Learn how to play "Chouettes" a form of backgammon with 3 or more players. Chouettes offers opportunity for discussion during the game.
Students must already know the basics about how the men move around the board.  Beginner classes (checker-play) is separate class held later.
No advance registration is necessary.  Just show up at the site by 10:45. After the class will be a free backgammon tournament.  You may also stay and play informal games, join a chouette, or just watch.
Also on April 15, Sat. 10:30 AM  Beginners Class

3111 South Street, Coventry Connecticut 06238