Tarot Readings
At times, we all have questions about our path and what life if presenting to us.  Let your spirit guides speak through the tarot and have a reading. 

If you wish to setup a reading, we encourage you to  contact one of our Initiates!  Please email for more details.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Masters & Distance Healings

The Covenant of WISE are all practitioners of the Sacred Art of Usui Shiki Ryoho-Reiki. we host 2 Current Masters, and a half dozen students, well on their way to being Masters themselves.

Pains, aches, spiritual maladies, and energetic misalignment's can all be healed through Reiki. Reiki does not know the constraints of time and space, and can heal from a distance.

If you are in need of healing:
The Covenant of WISE may be able to help.
Legal Handfastings
Congratulations! Joining with your loved ones is a sacred and blessed event. We are honored that you would look to us to facilitate this wonderful day for you. Our Ministers are Ordained, and to help make your special day, as wonderful as possible.

 Crystal Healing
 Stones carry within them a vibration. Each stones vibration is unique. Crystal Healing utilizes these vibrations to effect the bio-rhythms of the body. this allows your energetic fields to repair themselves, recharge, and align.

In Person Healing by appointment only.

 Training Opportunities: Sacred Sciences and Herbal Studies
 The Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary is located online at WiccanSeminary.EDU Since 1999 we have been offering State Recognized Degrees, in Wiccan Theology, from Associates to Doctorate. We offer a comprehensive course of study that allows student/teacher interaction. Enrollment also enables you access to numerous real life Pagan events, as well as a path toward real world Initiation into a qualified, and local church. We cant wait to get you started in, or help you continue your training. There is an accelerated path for credibly initiated students looking to further their education, as well as 'from the beginning' New Seekers. Visit us online To begin at any time.
WiccanSeminary.EDU It's Your Magic, It's Your School!