Welcome to Covenant Mennonite Fellowship

Welcome to the Covenant Mennonite Fellowship, a church that meets in Sarasota, Florida. Our mission is to follow the way of Jesus in the Anabaptist peace tradition. Our model for living is the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, who called people to live lives that reflect the compassion, healing, peace, justice, and mercy of God to all peoples and nations, and to all creation.

The coral reef, above, is a place of safety, nurture, diversity, and great beauty. It is the symbol for community that Covenant attenders have chosen to describe our congregation.

Covenant Mennonite Fellowship believes that in our worship, our fellowship, and our every-day lives, the spirit of Jesus meets us exactly where we are with healing, hope, and wholeness.

At Covenant Mennonite Fellowship, we find the encouragement to actively participate in a new culture of God - a culture of grace, peace, nonviolence, joy, and service in Jesus’ name.  Join us for church in worship and fellowship.

Though we are a progressive Mennonite congregation, we welcome persons from all walks of life and all faith traditions.
We believe that God loves everyone - no exceptions!

At Covenant, we seek to practice a spirituality of hands, hearts and minds. We sing hymns old and new, share about our vision for peace and justice, celebrate through intellectually engaging worship, and bless one another in authentic Christian community. We find spiritual meaning through our scriptures, silence, the arts, sacred symbols, thought-provoking discussion, and more!

Join us for worship each Sunday. We begin our worship service at 10:30 a.m.

Starting December 30, 2018 for the winter months, we will meet for worship at the Carlisle Inn, 3727 Bahia Vista St, Sarasota, FL 34232.