Nieve de Limon

(Lemon-Lime Sorbet)

Adapted from this recipe by Rick Bayless

Makes about 750 ml

fresh limes and lemons

(I used 4 limes and 1-1/2 lemons)

1 cup sugar

1/3 cup corn syrup

(corn syrup helps prevent your sorbet turning hard and icy in the freezer)

1-1/4 cups water

Grate the zest of 2 limes into a medium bowl.  Juice lemons and limes until you have 3/4 cup of juice.  Add to the bowl with the zest.

Put the sugar, corn syrup and water into a small pot, and heat gently just until the sugar is dissolved.  Remove from the heat and add to juice and zest.

Cover and refrigerate several hours - overnight is best.

Next day remove from fridge and churn in an ice cream maker, according to manufacturer's instructions.

Freeze for a few hours to firm up before serving.

Rick suggests serving this with fresh berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries), and if they are seasonal for you right now I'm sure that would be a great addition.  A sprig or two of mint or basil would also be a nice touch, again if you have them in season right now.