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Web Research-LINKS

Note: these websites are some of the many sites on the internet related in some way to the issues in this class that I found some value in sharing with you-I'm sure there are many others out there with value as well. They are not a representation of my personal views and they may not all have the most up to date information or have all the same facts and stats. It's important to look at the sources on any website you go to and if you see something that seems out of date or different from what you have learned elsewhere, let me know and also please give the site feedback or ask questions of them to get clarification when needed.

The link that is mandatory for the web research review project is in bold red under general info. section and it's called Global Issues that Affect Everyone. All of the links that  cover many topical areas within them will fall into the first group called General  info group. More specific sites fall into the category more specific to the content, even though almost all of the sites overlap to a degree because ALL THINGS ARE CONNECTED...

The Global Health and Sustainability categories to choose from include:
1. Politics, Media, Advocacy and Action for Social Change
2. Hunger, Nutrition and Sustainable Food
3. Maternal and Child Health and the Prevention of Violence
4. Economy, Consumerism and Health
5. Population Statistics and Issues
6. Infectious/Communicable and Chronic Disease issues
7. Biodiversity, Ecology and Health
8. Social & Environmental Justice, Human Rights and the Prevention of Systemic Oppression
  • Faith Based Resources included at the bottom of this list in the social section
Please look through the extensive list prior to choosing the two other (non-mandatory, your choice) sites you will choose to review.

1. Politics, Media, Advocacy and Action For Social Change

Agents of Change:

Health Notices: Algae blooms and other important water and beach health information in Oregon

ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) Corporate Manipulation and Control of Legislation and Legislators

Alternative Radio:

Alternative News Sources

Bill Moyers News

Center for Concern-Corp. Accountability


Congress Direct Access:

Contact Your Federal and State Legislators Here!

Corporate Accountability Project


Healing Collective Trauma:

International Corporate Accountability

More on Corporate Power

Culture Change

Digital Democracy (how to protect and lessen your digital footprint): 

Dismantling Privilege Journal

Democracy NOW! (Includes live streaming independent news)

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Free Press:


Global Research on Sustainability, Hunger and the Impacts of Globalization

Harvard Global Health Info:

Harvard World Health News:                            

Idealist, Be The Change:                                

Independent News Media

International Forum on Globalization-Hope for a new cultural and economic paradigm

Non-Violent Communication

Public Citizen

Psychologists for Social Responsibility-Human Trafficking

Solutions for Social Change and Sustainability            
Skeptical Science

The Prout Institute: A local group trying to make positive change..learn more

Global Exchange:                                           

Global Health Watch:                                     

Global Issues that Affect Everyone:             

Global Media Network:

Media Integrity:                                                               

More than one story video!

Next Step Recycling-Electronics (local)

New American Dream

One World Info:                                            

Oregon Public Broadcasting                          


Who buys elections? (political/corporate funding)
Public Citizen-Advocating for People:

School of the America's Watch:

Vice NEWS:

Visionary and Practical Solutions for Restoring
the Earth:                                                    
U.N. Earth Watch:                                       

Who Owns and Controls the Media?:
World Changing Resources for Sustainable World

Humane Education

Global Grassroots Activism info.

Dissident Voice Newsletter

Global Policy Forum-UN watch dog group

United Nations

Worldwide Action for Change

YES!  Solutions for a Sustainable World

2. Hunger,  Nutrition and Sustainable Food

Hunger, Nutrition and Sustainable Food
Institute for Responsible Technology

Network of concerned non GMO Farmers:

The NON-GMO (genetically modified) REPORT-what you need to know..

Factory Farming Issues:                                        
Food First-WHY IS THERE HUNGER?                                                  
Humane Farming Solutions:                                       
Presbyterian Hunger Program:                     
Organically Grown Local inexpensive vegetables delivered to your door!
Organic Consumers Association NEWS:
Institute for Science and Society                  
World Hunger Notes:                                    Institute for Responsible Technology              
U.S. Food Crisis Working Group                  
Institute of Science and Society: Researching GMO's      
Willamette Valley  Food and Farm Coalition   

Local School Garden Project

Sustainable Purchasing?
Sustainable Agriculture-Vandana Shiva's Organization
True Food Guide:

3. Maternal and Child Health and the Prevention of Violence
Center for Reproductive Rights
Childhood Trauma Info:                                 
Domestic Violence Resources:
Engender Health (Women's Health) :              

Equality for Women & Girls Now                   

End Domestic Violence NOW
Matriarchal Societies Quiz

National Organization for Women

Reproductive and sexual Rights:                           

Rights of the Child Convention

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS):


Women Without Borders:                             

 4. Economy, Consumerism and Health

PBS short film on research regarding the Psychology of Wealth and Behavior

Another History of Free Trade (Naomi Klein who wrote The Shock Doctrine- Audio)

Action for Change & Responsible Shopping:
Conservation Economy
Economic Change
Economics of Happiness (Film)

FAIR TRADE-Resources                                            


Institute for Economic Democracy:                          

Navigating from Empire to Earth (audio)                

Redefining Progress and Economics:                   

System Change, Not Climate Change

The Story of STUFFImportant short films                                                  
An Example and Resources on Voluntary Simplicity
Who's Fighting Corruption?:                                                     

 5. Population Statistics and Issues

World Population Clock 
6. Infectious/Communicable and Chronic Disease Issues

Centers for Disease Control:                                    

World Health Organization:


Unnatural Causes;Is Inequality making Us Sick?

7. Biodiversity, Ecology and Health

Aboriginal Resources in Cross Cultural Competency

A Different Cultural Paradigm?                                      
A Skeptics guide to understanding what to believe about Global Warming? Watch this:

Beyond Toxics (Local Organization making change)

Do You LOVE MOUNTAINS? If so you will want to know...

Health Impacts of Global Warming

Center for Health, Environment and Justice:
Chemical Pollution and Health     

Children's Environmental Health Network
Climate Change Education Site
Climate Reality! GET THE FACTS

Climate Leadership Initiative                           

Climate/Global Warming                                          
Climate Crisis:                                                            
Living Green on Planet Eugene!

Earth Portal
Food and Water Watch!
Oceans in Peril

OREGON-League of Conservation Voters-How Environmentally Considerate are our legislators?
Center for Health, Environment and Justice:  Chemical Pollution and Health     

Global Forests Watch:                                               
Green America-Solutions
Environmental Health News:                                     
Environmental Law Worldwide:                                
Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.):             
Ecological Medicine                                     
Eugene's Cascadia Wildlands Project:                  
Environmental Justice/Environmental Racism      
Global Water Solutions
Health and the Environment:                                    
League of Conservation Voters                                
Millenium Ecosystem Assessment:                        
More Voluntary Simplicity Websites
Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides 
Next Step Recycling
Natural Resources Defense Council:                     
Nuclear Energy and Health:
Oil News YOU MUST READ:                                      
Oregon Environmental Council                                 
Our Stolen Future: How Chemicals Impact Health                                                      
Plastics and the Ocean! (Video)
Predator Defense, A Eugene Based Non-Profit
Protecting Our Health


Religion and Ecology:                                                  
Greenwashing-WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW        
 Save Our Groundwater

Stop GreenWashing by Corporations!

United Nations Environment Programme:
Is there Global Warming?  (you tube)                       
World Commision on Forests                                   
Women's Environment and Development Organization

8. Social& Environmental Justice, Human Rights and The Prevention of Systemic Oppression
Aboriginal Worldview and Resources for cross cultural competency

Abused Women Resources
Amnesty International-Global Human Rights Organization
Disability Resources:
Domestic Violence Resources/Links
Facing History and Ourselves

Focus on Affirmative Action-Beyond the MYTHS
Freedom to Marry (Marriage Equality)
Beyond WAR:
Corporate Watch: 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Resources, U.S. 

Global Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender Rights Directory

Global Exchange:  

Global Mindshift-if we change the way we think...anything is possible

Grass Roots International
Hatewatch + Teach Tolerance by Southern Poverty Law Center:
Jewish Alliance for Social Action:
Human Rights Watch:                                    
Making the Change:
Multicultural Information Supersite:                           

National Organization for Women (NOW)

Race, Gender and Affirmative Action:                        
Resources to stop HATE:                                            
Social Justice and Public Health:                              
Systemic Oppression resources for Understanding
Teaching for Justice!
Understanding our roots of Slavery &
Understanding Prejudice an interactive website:                                            
Women's Global Network of Empowerment!
White Privilege Video Clip:                                                     
Youth Coalition for Dismantling Oppression and Creating a Sustainable World

     Faith Based Resources for Human Rights and Environmental Justice