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1) Jimmer Fredette- 6'2" 196 lbs. (BYU) [Think: Jason Terry]
Fredette's role in the NBA is very much TBD, but it's certain that he can put the ball in the hole. I considered adding him to the point guard list, but I'm not sure he's proven that he has those skills. It seems much more likely that he comes off the bench in a combo role like Jason Terry or Jamal Crawford.

2) Jordan Hamilton- 6'8" 228 lbs. (Texas) [Think: Paul George]
Hamilton is another guy who's position at the next level is up in the air. He has great size and scoring ability but might be too small to guard a three and too slow to guard a two. In my eyes, he's a lanky, over-sized two guard like Wes Johnson or Paul George.

3) Klay Thompson- 6'7" 206 lbs. (Washington State) [Think: James Jones]
Thompson doesn't look like a professional athlete, but he's the most proficient shooter and scorer in this draft. I would be tempted to doubt him based on his thin frame, but if Kevin Martin can do it, so can Klay Thompson.

4) Alec Burks- 6'6" 193 lbs. (Colorado) [Think: Shannon Brown]
Burks would probably top this list for most draft "experts", but I'm not completely sold on him. There were questions surrounding his recruitment at Colorado and he never won anything. He might be a decent role player, but I would be surprised if he turns into anything more.

5) Tyler Honeycutt- 6'8" 186 lbs. (UCLA) [Think: Doug Christie]
Honeycutt won't find himself on the Best Shooters list, but he made the cut as a top 5 defender in this draft, which is a large reason why he finds himself in this spot, as well. Honeycutt will likely be a specialist at the next level, but he led the Pac 10 in blocks as a guard, which inspires some intrigue from me, at least.