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1) Derrick Williams- 6'9" 248 lbs. (Arizona) [Think: Paul Pierce]
There isn't a more hybrid forward in the class than Williams- he has the skills the play the three and the size to play the four. Williams has the most superstar potential of anyone on the board, as well. I think he'll be a small forward at the next level, and he's hands down the best one available.

2) Jan Vesely- 6'11" 240 lbs. (Czech Republic) [Think: Omri Casspi]
Vesely is the other hybrid forward in this class. He has fantastic size and good basketball IQ, but he's not the most athletic player. His immediate value will be on the defensive end, but he'll improve offensively, as well.

3) Kawhi Leonard- 6'7" 227 lbs. (San Diego State) [Think: Gerald Wallace]
Leonard and the Aztecs came out of nowhere this past season, which was nice, but it makes me skeptical of his real draft value. He's a strong slasher and a plus defender, but his jump shot needs a lot of work.

4) Chris Singleton- 6'9" 225 lbs. (Florida State) [Think: Luc Richard Mbah A Moute]
Singleton will have a long career in the NBA because he really gets after it defensively. His coach will love him from day one, and he'll make up for a lot of lapses on that end of he floor.

5) Nikola Mirotic- 6'10" 225 lbs. (Montenegro) [Think: Peja Stojakovic]
If I could make myself base this list on talent alone, Mirotic would be #2. I can't. Mirotic recently signed a five year extension with Barcelona, making his NBA intentions very unclear. He has the skills of a top 10 pick, but he might drop out of the first due to his contract situation.