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1) Kyrie Irving- 6'3” 191 lbs. (Duke) [Think: Chauncey Billups]
Irving isn't a consensus number one, but he's pretty close. Some liken him to Chris Paul, but I think that's pretty high praise for a guy who has only played 11 games since high school. With that said, he had a sizable impact on a veteran Duke team and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He has the best basketball IQ in the class and really makes his teammates better.

2) Brandon Knight- 6'3” 177 lbs. (Kentucky) [Think: Devin Harris]
Knight was inconsistent in his only year at Kentucky, but he came up big in some big spots, especially in March. Some people see him as more of a combo guard, but there's no reason he can't be a lead guard in the NBA. He has great size and good intangibles and should be a great addition to a lucky team in the top 5.

3) Kemba Walker- 6'1” 184 lbs. (Connecticut) [Think: J.J. Barea]
Lightning quick and able to go off at any moment, Walker may be the most clutch player to enter the league since Kevin Durant. He doesn't have the ideal size or a natural point guard's mentality, but Walker is one of the toughest players in the draft.

4) Darius Morris- 6'5” 190 lbs. (Michigan) [Think: Andre Miller]
Morris is an above average finisher and he's excellent in transition. He's not much of a shooter, but he has a sense for the big moment. Morris is still raw, but he has great physical gifts, and if he has the heart to match, he'll be a very good pro.

5) Iman Shumpert- 6'5” 222 lbs. (Goergia Tech) [Think: Jarvaris Crittenton]
Shumpert is this year's Joe Alexander Workout Warrior Award. According to, “At 6’5.5 and 222 lbs of solid frame, he jumped out the building with verticals of 36.5 standing and 42 max. He had great running numbers and lifted 185 a monstrous 18 times.” Just like last year's winner, Trevor Booker, Shumpert will probably get a first round look from somebody.