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1) Derrick Williams- SF- 6'9" 248 lbs. (Arizona)
Williams finds himself on several of these lists because he is the most complete player in the draft. His size, energy, and elite athleticism make him a handful on both ends of the floor and should make him a contributor very early in his career.

2) Bismack Biyombo- C- 6'9" 243 lbs. (Congo)
Biyombo is the best natural shot blocker in this class. His 7'7" wingspan has a lot to do with it, but he's also very athletic. There's some question about Biyombo's age, but he should develop enough offensively to stay on the floor longer than guys like Hasheem Thabeet and Hassan Whiteside.

3) Kemba Walker- PG- 6'1” 184 lbs. (Connecticut)
Walker's athleticism is different than the rest of the player's on this list. He uses his athletic skills to go around rather than over or through other players. Walker may have the best first step and cross-over we've seen since Allen Iverson, which is some immense praise.

4) Kawhi Leonard- SF- 6'7" 227 lbs. (San Diego State)
Leonard a tough guy to project at the next level because he has some above average skills (rebounding, slashing) and some below average skills (jump shot). What he does offer, however, it good energy and superior athleticism, which allowed him to average double digit rebounds for his career at just 6'7".

5) JaJuan Johnson- F/C- 6'10" 220 lbs. (Purdue)
Johnson is a lanky stretch four who put up great athletic numbers at the recent NBA Combine. His jump shot is good out to 18 feet and he's still got a lot of room to grow, even after a productive career at Purdue. Johnson will be a great value in the mid-to-late 20's or in the early second round.