2012 NBA Mock Draft (v4)

2012 NBA Mock Draft (v4)- March 24, 2012

This mock was done based on a mock lottery with the following results: 1st pick: Bobcats (Combination {1, 6, 11, 14}); 2nd pick: Warriors (Combination {7, 9, 13, 14}); 3rd pick: Raptors (Combination {3, 6, 12, 13}). You can read about the lottery procedure here.

  1. Charlotte Bobcats- Anthony Davis- PF (Kentucky)

Davis is the definition of an elite prospect: NBA ready and a ton of upside. Charlotte has needs all over the floor, and Davis would be a great cornerstone in their rebuilding effort.

  1. Golden State Warriors- Harrison Barnes- SF (North Carolina)

Andre Drummond is probably more likely to go second in most scenarios, but Golden State just made a huge move for a center in Andrew Bogut.

  1. Toronto Raptors- Thomas Robinson- PF (Kansas)

Jonas Valanciunas may be the biggest X factor in the entire league. If he pans out, the Raptors will be in great shape in a year or two. If not, they may be destined for a long lottery run. Robinson could hedge that bet and be a productive addition next to Valanciunas or Andrea Bargnani.

  1. Washington Wizards- Andre Drummond- C (Connecticut)

Washington gets great value in this scenario, drafting a guy in Drummond who might factor in the discussion at number one.

  1. New Orleans Hornets- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- SF (Kentucky)

Another great value in this deep draft, Gilly immediately makes Trevor Ariza expendable. He may start out slowly, but he knows how to be effective when he's not scoring the basketball, which is a promising sign in a young player.

  1. Portland Trail Blazers (from NJN)- Bradley Beal- SG (Florida)

The Gators are on a run that may end up in the Final Four in New Orleans, and Beal may well be the beneficiary. He's the best of the lottery shooting guards at creating for his teammates and he still has that deadly outside shot.

  1. Detroit Pistons- Jeremy Lamb- SG (Connecticut)

Lamb is great at moving without the ball and reminds be a little of Richard Hamilton. That worked out pretty well for the Pistons the first time, who need a scorer to help Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe.

  1. Sacramento Kings- Perry Jones- F (Baylor)

Jones doesn't really have a position and his skills still aren't defined enough. With that said, he has a ton of potential and unless they opt for Jared Sullinger there is a step decline in value here.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers- Austin Rivers- SG (Duke)

The Cavaliers need a scorer to take former Duke guard Kyrie Irving to the next level. Why not current Duke guard Austin Rivers?

  1. Milwaukee Bucks- Jared Sullinger- F/C (Ohio State)

Milwaukee needs a big man to protect their flashy guards, and Sullinger can play physical inside as well as anyone on the board. His lack of athleticism will drag him down a bit, but I'm confident Sullinger will find a way to contribute at the next level.

  1. Portland Trail Blazers- Meyers Leonard- C (Illinois)

This is as high as I've had Leonard in a mock. With the ongoing coaching change at Illinois, it makes a lot of sense for Leonard to leave. He has great size, and that always seduces someone. Portland got a dynamic wing earlier with the Net's pick, so a flyer on a legit seven-footer makes sense here.

  1. New Orleans Hornets (from MIN)-Marquis Teague- PG (Kentucky)

Teague has a lot on the line in Atlanta this weekend. If he shows up, he could sneak into the top 10. If he falters, he could drop into the 20's. The Hornets add two Kentucky freshmen in Teague and Kidd-Gilchrist, a combination that could really help turn the franchise around.

  1. Phoenix Suns- John Henson- PF (North Carolina)

Henson has worked really hard to improve his footwork and jump shooting. He has become average or above and that end, and he has his incredible athleticism and shot blocking. Phoenix needs players all over; they could be really bad as soon as Steve Nash leaves.

  1. Utah Jazz- Damian Lillard- PG (Weber State)

Utah needs a point guard and there aren't many available. Lillard is a shoot first player, but he has decent size (6'2”) and he can really score.

   15. Houston Rockets (from NYK)- Tyler Zeller- C (North Carolina)

Tyler Zeller is a less exciting prospect than his brother Cody or Meyers Leonard, who was chosen at number 11. He does have great size and fairly polished skills. He's by far the most NBA ready player of the group and he'll give Houston even more depth on the inside.

   16. New Jersey (from HOU)- Quincy Miller- SF (Baylor)

Miller is another guy with a lot at stake this weekend. If he can carry Baylor into the Final Four, he could land in the top 10. Otherwise he'll go somewhere around the late lottery. He is long and very athletic, but still needs some seasoning. He'd do well with another year in Waco.

   17. Boston Celtics- Terrence Jones- F (Kentucky)

Terrence Jones against Arnett Moultrie would be a really fun 1-on-1 matchup to watch leading up to the draft. Both men should figure in the discussion at this pick. Jones has a bigger offensive arsenal, but Moultrie is better defensively. Jones has slightly higher upside, which may be the deciding factor here.

   18. Boston Celtics (from LAC via OKC)- Patric Young- F/C (Florida)

Young isn't a polished prospect, but he has an NBA body and is very athletic. He's been a very productive and important part of Florida's Elite Eight run, and he could leverage that into a top 20 pick. Boston could really get younger up front with these two picks.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers- Terrence Ross- G/F (Washington)

Philadelphia is one of the best defensive teams in the league, but they still need scorers, especially from the outside. Ross can get it done from all over the board and could become a Paul George-like player at the next level.

  1. Denver Nuggets- Arnett Moultrie- F (Mississippi State)

Denver is one of the deepest teams in the league, but they could use another defensive-oriented player coming off the bench. Moultrie can be just that. He's very athletic and his size and length will fit in an NBA front court.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies- Doron Lamb- SG (Kentucky)

The Grizzlies have turned themselves into legitimate contenders, but they have two choices this upcoming offseason: Pay OJ Mayo or draft his replacement. Lamb has the potential to be what Mayo was supposed to be (and could still turn out to be) at a cheaper price.

  1. Houston Rockets (from DAL)- Tony Wroten Jr.- G (Washington)

Houston is stocked all over the floor, but is still only the eight seed in the West. They could take the next step if they can find a gem here. Wroten is lightning quick offensively and should be able to get his own at the next level.

  1. Atlanta Hawks- Kendall Marshall- PG (North Carolina)

This is great value for the Hawks, and although Jeff Teague has been good, Marshall could be much better. He is the best passer college basketball has seen in quite some time, and he should be fun to watch on a stacked NBA roster.

   24. Indiana Pacers- Royce White- F (Iowa State)

Royce White is the most interesting player in college basketball in my opinion. I loved watching him play Connecticut and Kentucky and can't wait to watch more of him. His confidence was through the roof and the determining factor here is how he plays when his confidence wanes.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers (from LAL)- CJ Leslie- F (North Carolina State)

Cleveland has a bunch of young guys, but no one has really stepped up to be Kyrie Irving's number two. Leslie has had a coming out party this March, and he still has a lot of room to grow into such a player.

  1. Orlando Magic- Andrew Nicholson- PF (Saint Bonaventure)

Nicholson is a very mature player who could play right away for the Magic. Ideally, Orlando needs to improve at the point guard, but the draft won't be the way to get that done. Instead, they'll add to their front court depth with a character guy in Nicholson.

  1. Golden State Warriors (from SAS)- Dion Waiters- SG (Syracuse)

With two picks in the first round, the Warriors become the deepest perimeter team in the league. Sure, most of their pieces are still young, but Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Dion Waiters, Harrison Barnes, and Dorell Wright? That's quite a rotation to play along with David Lee and Andrew Bogut.

   28. Oklahoma City Thunder- Moe Harkless- PF (Saint John's)

Oklahoma City is good enough that they can role the dice on a luxury pick here. Harkless has huge upside as a scorer at the power forward. He could learn a lot from a teammate like Kevin Durant, and could turn into a Zach Randolph-type player.

   29. Miami Heat- Draymond Green- F (Michigan State)

Green is a very unqiue player. Along with Roye White, he is one of the most versatile players available, but his leadership and basketball IQ are excellent, as well. Someone will offer him a home late in the first, even if it's not the Heat.

   30. Chicago Bulls- John Jenkins- SG (Vanderbilt)

Jenikins is considered the best pure shooter in the class, and that's exactly what the Bulls need. Richard Hamilton has helped, but three point shooting is still not his forte.