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Draft Pick Debt

Here are the trades that will affect the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft:

Atlanta receives Houston's pick (lottery protected) via Brooklyn from the Terrence Williams/Joe Johnson deals

Charlotte receives Portland's pick (top 12 protected) from the Gerald Wallace deal

Chicago receives Charlotte's pick (top 12 protected) from the Tyrus Thomas deal

Cleveland receives Miami's pick (unprotected) and the Kings' pick (top 13 protected) from the JJ Hickson deal and has the option of swapping Miami's pick for the Lakers' pick from the Ramon Sessions deal

Miami receives Philadelphia's pick (top 12 protected) from the Arnett Moultrie deal

Minnesota receives Memphis's pick (lottery protected) from the Shane Battier deal and Utah's pick (top 12 protected) from the Al Jefferson deal

Oklahoma City receives Toronto's pick (top 3, 13-15 protected) and Dallas's pick (top 20 protected) via Houston from the James Harden deal

Phoenix receives LA Lakers' pick from the Steve Nash deal and Memphis's pick via Minnesota from the Wes Johnson deal

Utah receives Golden State's pick (top 7 protected) via Brooklyn from the Marcus Williams/Deron Williams deals

Special thanks to HoopsWorld for their help in compiling this list.