2012 Draft Grades

Atlanta Hawks C

John Jenkins- SG (Vanderbilt) #23 B-

Mike Scott- PF (Clemson) #43 C-

Jenkins is the best pure shooter in the draft. He's a decent value at 23. Scott is a productive player who'll struggle with the speed of the NBA.

Boston Celtics B

Jared Sullinger- F/C (Ohio State) #21 A

Fab Melo- C (Syracuse) #22 B-

Kris Joseph- SF (Syracuse) #51 C+

Sullinger is a great pick. His back issues will be fine and he'll end up a steal at 21. Melo is risky, but the reward is high. Joseph is a roll of the dice in the late second.

Brooklyn D

Gerald Wallace for the last half of a bad season (#6) D-

Tyshawn Taylor- PG (Kansas) #41 from Mavs C

Tornike Shengelia- G/F (Georgia) #54 from 76ers ?

Ikan Karaman- PF (Turkey) #57 ?

The Gerald Wallace deal was horrible. D Will and Dwight could turn this thing around, but it's a huge risk for Deron to dive in first. Taylor is an OK prospect, depending on the price for the pick. The foreign guys are long-term projects who could go either way.

Charlotte B+

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- SF (Kentucky) #2 A-

Jeff Taylor- SF (Vanderbilt) #31 C

Kidd-Gilly was the right pick for Charlotte. They still need a #1 guy but MKG will be an important piece in the long run. Taylor is another tough perimeter defender. My biggest beef is the similarity of the two players.

Chicago C-

Marquis Teague- PG (Kentucky) #29 C-

This is a bit of an overreaction to the D Rose injury. Teague is a good prospect with upside, but he'll probably never be at his best in Chicago.

Cleveland C+

Dion Waiters- G (Syracuse) #4 C

Tyler Zeller- C (North Carolina) #17 from Mavs B+

Kelenna Azubuike from Mavs B-

It's not a bad haul for Cleveland, but the value wasn't there on Waiters. Cleveland could have moved back a few spots, gained an asset, and still gotten him. The Zeller trade, on the other hand, was excellent.

Dallas B

Jared Cunningham- SG (Oregon State) #24 from Cavs B

Bernard James- C (Florida State) #33 from Cavs B+

Jae Crowder- SF (Marquette) #34 from Cavs C-

Cleveland may have gotten the best player in the trade, but Dallas gets three quality assets. Cunningham and James have each been discussed as sleepers of the draft, and Crowder has an incredible motor.

Denver B

Evan Fournier- SG (France) #20 B-

Quincy Miller- SF (Baylor) #38 B+

Izzet Turkyilmaz- C (Turkey) #50 C-

Denver is already very deep, so stashing a couple guys in Europe wasn't a bad call. Fournier is OK, but in a draft this deep, they could have done better. Q Miller is their best value. He's got huge upside and could have gone in the 20's. Turkyilmaz is a long-term project with good size.

Detroit A-

Andre Drummond- C (Connecticut) #9 A

Khris Middleton- SF (Texas A&M) #39 B-

Kim English- SG (Missouri) #44 B

No one doubts that Drummond is a risk, but he's a great get at 9. Middleton and English both play hard and have quality Big 12 experience. Detroit is still a lottery team, but they're improving.

Golden State A

Harrison Barnes- SF (North Carolina) #7 A

Festus Ezeli- C (Vanderbilt) #30 B+

Draymond Green- F (Michigan State) #35 B+

Ognjen Kuzmic- C (Bosnia) # 52 B

What's with all the Harrison Barnes hate? The guy can flat out score the basketball. Isn't that the point of the game? I see him like Rudy Gay at the next level. Ezeli has good size and knows how to play inside. Green is a versatile player who provides good value and insurance for Barnes at the three.

Houston B+

Jeremy Lamb- SG (Connecticut) #12 A-

Royce White- F (Iowa State) #16 B-

Terrence Jones- F (Kentucky)#18 B+

It's a sad B+ for Houston at this point, but I'm not convinced they're done making moves. Kyle Lowry wants out and Lamb makes Kevin Martin and Courtney Lee both expendable. White and Jones replace Chase Buddinger's production and may ease the loss of Luis Scola is he's added to a trade, as well.

Indiana D

Miles Plumlee- F (Duke) #26 F

Orlando Johnson- SG (UCSB) #36 from Kings B-

I would have liked this draft better if Indiana had just drafted Johnson at 26 and gone home. Miles Plumlee could have been signed as a free agent- no one else was drafting him.

LA Clippers A-

Furkan Aldemir- F (Turkey) #53 A-

Call me crazy, but I like Aldemir. He can rebound like crazy, and this is a great value.

LA Lakers C

Darius Johnson-Odom- F (Marquette) #55 from Mavs C

Robert Sacre- F/C (Gonzaga) #60 C

Meh. The Lakers always leave me unimpressed on draft day.

Memphis A

Tony Wroten- G (Washington) #25 A

Memphis only had one pick, but they did well with it. Wroten will improve on his jump shot, and he'll be effective on a spread floor because of his speed and size.

Miami B+

Justin Hamilton- C (from LSU) #45 from 76ers D+

Lottery Protected First-Rounder from 76ers B+

Miami started out with the 27th pick and went home with a big man they like and a lottery-protected pick from Philadelphia. It isn't instant gratification, but this was a good move for a team who just won a title.

Milwaukee C+

John Henson- PF (North Carolina) #14 C+

Doron Lamb- SG (Kentucky) #42 B-

Samuel Dalembert from HOU C

I like Henson as a player, but the fit is terrible. Zeller would have made more sense. Lamb can play, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a team, but Milwaukee is already crazy deep.

Minnesota B

Robbie Hummel- SF (Purdue) #58 C-

Chase Buddinger from HOU B

Buddinger isn't quite the two that Minnesota needs, but he's closer than they would have gotten at #18. Minnesota always saves some money and adds a guy to their Summer League roster.

New Orleans A+

Anthony Davis- PF (Kentucky) #1 A

Austin Rivers- G (Duke) #10 A+

Darius Miller- G/F (Kentucky) #46 B

The Hornets are the big winners. Davis has a chance to be transcendent. Rivers will be great, as well. Is he a one or a two? We'll have to wait and see. Miller is a glue guy who can hit the open shot.

New York C+

Kostas Papanikolaou– F (Greece) #48 C+

Kostas is a couple years away, but he had a great season in Europe. He's probably the second best international player in the draft, after Fournier, so landing him at 48 was pretty good value.

Oklahoma City A-

Perry Jones- F (Baylor) #28 A-

I've never been that high on Jones, and I'm still not, but he a high ceiling. If he develops, he can take OKC over the top.

Orlando B

Andrew Nicholson- PF (Saint Bonaventure) #19 B+

Kyle O'Quinn- F/C (Norfolk State) #49 C-

Nicholson can shoot and he has the intangibles to be good at the next level. O'Quinn is still riding his team's NCAA success. It's an OK draft, but I won't give the Magic credit until they move Dwight.

Philadelphia B

Maurice Harkless- SF (Saint John's) #15 B-

Arnett Moultrie- F (Mississippi State) #27 from Heat B+

Philly gets two forwards to go along with their young core (Holiday, Williams, Turner, Allen, and Vucevic). The also appear ready to trade Andre Iguodala or at least Thaddeus Young.

Phoenix B-

Kendall Marshall- PG (North Carolina) #13 B-

Phoenix has to try to replace Steve Nash somehow, so I have no problem with this pick. I'm just not that crazy about Marshall. He's a good backup point guard, nothing more-nothing less.

Portland C

Damian Lillard- PG (Weber State) #6 C

Meyers Leonard- C (Illinois) #11 B-

Will Barton- SG (Memphis) #40 B

Portland gets the best point guard in a bad point guard draft in Lillard, a high upside big man in Leonard, and a proven scorer in Barton, but they could have done better with two top 11 picks. Lillard and Leonard both have questionable experience and Barton needs to add a lot of strength.

Sacramento B+

Thomas Robinson- PF (Kansas) #5 B+

Robinson has his head on straight, and hopefully he'll change the culture in Sacto. The Kings wanted a big man to pair with DeMarcus Cousins and they got a good one.

San Antonio B+

Marcus Denmon- G (Missouri) #59 B+

Denmon benefited greatly from the system at Missouri, but I inherently trust RC Buford to pick good players. We'll see.

Toronto C-

Terrence Ross- SG (Washington) #8 C

Quincy Acy- F (Baylor) #37 C-

Tomislav Zubcic- F (Russia) #56 B+

Ross was riding the hype train just like Dion Waiters, and the outcome was similar. The value at 8 was truly awful, but if Ross pans out, it'll look like a steal. Acy at 37 isn't great value either. Zubcic is the best pick, but Toronto should have done better oveall.

Utah C-

Kevin Murphy- SG (Tennessee Tech) #47 C-

Utah rolls the dice on a relatively unknown quantity in Murphy. Utah needs a scorer and they're tough to find in the middle-second round, but I would have liked William Buford better.

Washington A

Bradley Beal- SG (Florida) #3 A

Tomas Satoransky- G (Russia) #32 B-

Beal was the right pick for Washington. He and John Wall will be fun to watch for a long time. Satoransky provides decent value in the early second round, but his fit with the Wiz isn't great.