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Protect Wood Furniture

protect wood furniture
    wood furniture
  • Eco friendly green furniture made of reclaimed wood and recycled teak.
  • Keep safe from harm or injury
  • shield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage; "Weatherbeater protects your roof from the rain"
  • (protected) kept safe or defended from danger or injury or loss; "the most protected spot I could find"
  • Restrict by law access to or development of (land) so as to preserve its natural state
  • use tariffs to favor domestic industry
  • Aim to preserve (a threatened plant or animal species) by legislating against collecting or hunting
protect wood furniture - Earth Friendly
Earth Friendly Products Furniture Polish, Cleans and Protects Wood, Made with Olive Oil, 22 Ounces (Pack of 12)
Earth Friendly Products Furniture Polish, Cleans and Protects Wood, Made with Olive Oil,  22 Ounces (Pack of 12)
Please note: Due to packaging updates, the image shown may temporarily appear different from the product received.
Earth Friendly Products® specially formulated Furniture Polish with olive oil and orange oil protects, cleans and cares for your wood while bringing out its natural beauty. Our natural based formula contains cleansing conditioners which help loosen and gently remove fingerprints, smudges and dirt. Use this product on furniture, cabinets, paneling and vinyl. Because natural ingredients are used, color and body may vary.
Not tested on animals.
No animal ingredients.
Thank you for using our natural, non-toxic products. Each time you use our products, you are helping to maintain a healthier and sustainable home, lifestyle and environment. One by one, we change the world and make it a better place.
Earth Friendly Products are Biodegradable and Recyclable.
Made in the USA.

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Miniature Enchanted Found Objects Wizard Whose Roof was the Sky Cabinet with Hinged Door~1:12thScale
Miniature Enchanted Found Objects Wizard Whose Roof was the Sky Cabinet with Hinged Door~1:12thScale
“A Little Tale”… Ever since he could remember, the Wizard, known by all in the Enchanted Woods as the Wizard Whose Roof Was the Sky, hated being inside structures of any kind with ceilings. To him, the Heavens were his roof/ceiling and nothing he felt, especially a human made or even a Wizard or an Elemental made roof, should come between them. He loved to see the morning and afternoon sun above his head and feel its warmth or look up and gaze at the sparkling dark nighttime sky glittering with planets and stars and embellished by the Moon Goddess in one of her many phases. When young, he had no choice but to reside under a roof…at home and then at Wizardry School. But, when all the others were away or asleep, he would slip outside and live under the beautiful open sky. He loved the feel of the wind, created by the Element of Air, caressing his face and his blowing and fluffing his hair in the breeze. And, no shower made by any human or other beings could compare with a rain shower sent down to wash and nourish the Element of Earth by the Element of Water. Ahhh, the smell of rain, so clean and pure, and the aftermath fragrance it left behind on the grass, flowers, trees, and ground... It was true refreshment. And, under his feet, he loved to feel the softness of the grass…moist and teeming with life’s energy. Or after a rain, the feeling of mud between his toes… ...To protect his possessions, such as his enchanted wizard cabinet filled with his necessary wizardly things, his experiments completed and in progress, his bed, and a few other things, the Wizard Whose Roof was the Sky cast a powerful protective spell on them all which surrounded them with a pink myste which was only visible to him. By doing this, the Elements could not damage or compromise his experiments, medicines, herbs, and the like. Every night, as he lay on his bed made of twigs, leaves, flower petals, and grasses, he would look up at the sky. And, the last thing he would do before falling into a deep refreshing sleep would be to pay homage to the Moon Goddess and name the constellations and stars. When finished, off he would drift into that other land, the land of dreams, until the first light of the new day awakened him. As we all know, wizards live for hundreds and hundreds of years. And, those who discover the Philosopher’s Stone gain immortality. Unfortunately, the Wizard Whose Roof was the Sky never bothered with the Philosopher’s Stone. He felt immortality unnatural. The Wizard Whose Roof was the Sky lived his very long life in bliss and under his beloved sky helping all in the Enchanted Woods who came to him or those he heard about who needed help. Occasionally, a human would wander into the Enchanted Woods in need of some help. The wizard generously gave it to them and once they were taken care of, he sent him on them on their way. He then put the Spell of Ultimate Forgetfulness on each one so they could not tell others what was witnessed in the Enchanted Woods. One night, one beautiful spring night, when the sky was filled with so many stars, huge and bright, the wizard laid down in his cozy bed. He felt he could reach out and pluck one of those stars right out of the sky. This made him laugh. He was glad to be in his bed. He was tired. The day had been long and filled with too much to do. He hastily did his nighttime routine and fell into a very very deep sleep. When he awoke, he was a young man again and he was no longer on earth. He had passed over to the Other Side while asleep. The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes in spirit was his beloved ceiling of sky and it was more beautiful than he had ever seen it before. He was Home and at peace. ~ Marsha J. West, Author of this "A Little Tale". Edited for Flickr * The “A Little Tale” is my original idea and story. I am the author of that story and it is my property. Thus, it cannot be copied, reproduced, reprinted or used in any way or any medium. Also, this cabinet is my original idea, creation and design. It is also my creative property. It is not to be copied, resold or reproduced. Listed at Enchanticals, my Etsy shop. For Enchanticals’ address, please see my Flickr profile.
Walnut, Oak and Maple Jewelry Cabinet
Walnut, Oak and Maple Jewelry Cabinet
A handmade jewelry cabinet entirely constructed of reclaimed wood and stained black. The walnut, oak and maple are from cut-offs from a local wood shop and the fabric is from remnants from the Boise Reuse Market. This is our design and was fabricated completely by us from scratch in our shop. The fabric inserts are wrapped around padding and protect both the top compartment and the drawer to cushion anything placed inside. Both inserts are removable and the drawer can be taken completely out of the cabinet for easy access. The hardwood is hand sanded and finished inside & out with a clear ecofriendly water based polyurethane

protect wood furniture
protect wood furniture
Cleartex AdvantageMat PVC Chair Mat for Hard Floors - Wood, Tile, Linoleum or Vinyl, Clear 48 x 36 Inches, (129020LV)
Cleartex is the brand name for transparent, crystal clear floor protection mats in Original Floortex PVC. Cleartex mats will allow the beauty of your natural wood floors to shine through, and will protect your carpeted areas from wear and tear. Flooring can be expensive - in those areas where there is heavy foot traffic, chair movement or risk of spillage, a relatively small investment in a high quality Cleartex mat will help protect your carpet, wood or laminated hard floors from damage, reduce cleaning costs and increasing their lifespan. Cleartex mats are versatile, easy to move and clean, making them perfect for a wide variety of uses. They are ideal for all areas of the office and home. A wide range of shapes provide floor saving solutions for desk areas, reception areas, high foot traffic hallways, waste bin areas and a great deal more. PVC mats are the clearest vinyl mats on the market, offering higher quality, less odor and higher UV protection than other vinyl mats. Combined with the mat's durability and appearance, this makes a Cleartex mat a flexible and long-lasting floor protection solution.