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national wholesale furniture
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national wholesale furniture - Bottle Lamp
Bottle Lamp Kit Converts Treasured Collectibles Into Unique Lighting Accents (Lot of 2)
Bottle Lamp Kit Converts Treasured Collectibles Into Unique Lighting Accents (Lot of 2)
That vintage bottle will never look better! Here is your chance to convert a favorite wine bottle into a lamp that will be the center of conversation. This kit works with any standard wine bottle and is intended for indoor use only. The socket is a push-thru type and is pre-wired to a 6 ft. brown cord for convenience. The kit comes with 3 rubber adaptors ( 1/2", 3/4" and 15/16" size), to fit different size wine bottle necks. All necessary hardware parts and instructions are also included. With this kit you can create a clever lamp in minutes. This offer is for 2 brand new Bottle Lamp Kits. Be sure to visit our National Artcraft Storefront to see more related items AND hundreds more products that fit all your craft, art and hobby needs!!! We have the creative component you need!!!

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The History of Bailey's Stores (Bristol) Ltd
The History of Bailey's Stores (Bristol) Ltd
A 1920's view of Bailey's Store on the Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7. Article Published in the Illustrated Bristol News 1962 THE HISTORY OF THE BAILEY family’s business is one with a simple beginning. It begins, in fact, in a tiny hardware shop on the outskirts of Bristol in the year 1870. But the six members of the family who got together recently to record the history of their company over the past century found that, before they had brought it up to date, they were talking in terms of hundreds of employees and of business activities not only in all parts of Britain, but in places as far away as Central Africa. For memories of the early days of Bailey’s Stores the family rely on seventy-eight-year-old Mr. Sydney Bailey. His connection with the family business throughout his lifetime has meant that he, more than any other member of the family, provides the link between the early days of that little shop and the present day concern with its many ramifications. The name of Bailey first appeared on the Bristol business scene around the year 1870. And it was the business acumen of a Bristol woman that launched it. She was born Hannah Anderson, one of the three daughters of a Bristol watchmaker. She became Hannah Bailey when she married a locomotive engineer from Plymouth. She insisted that they should start up in business, and so it was that Bailey’s Stores opened in Gloucester Road, Bristol. In those days Gloucester Road was far from being the busy commercial area it is today. It was then known as Beaufort Terrace, and had yet to become a part of the City of Bristol. Much of that district was still undeveloped and, where today there are rows of shops and houses there were then open fields and meadows. Bailey’s Stores opened up in two converted cottages on part of the large site in Gloucester Road still occupied by the company. There is little doubt that it was Mrs. Bailey who was the driving force behind the business and guided its steady expansion even in its early years gradually adding new lines to the stock of hardware and china. It was certainly Hannah Bailey who began the firm’s business in floor covering when she brought home two rolls which she bought wholesale in Bristol, and put them on display outside the little shop. From that humble beginning has grown the enormous business in carpets and linoleums carried on by Bailey’s today as a nationally reputed firm in the trade. In spite of her business activities Hannah Bailey still found time to bring up a family of eight children — five sons and three daughters. As they became old enough all were taught to help with the business. Mr. Sydney Bailey has strong recollections of his childhood days spent in the family home above the shops. He remembers how, as a boy, he helped move the goods displayed on the pavement when the shop closed in the evenings. And he remembers going round to customers delivering their supplies of oil in the days when it cost 8d. a gallon. Although it was Sydney who was destined to steer the fortunes of the family business in the years after the founder’s retirement he did not join the firm immediately on leaving school. For a year he worked as a 5-shilling. a week office boy at a hospital and then he went on to spend another year as a window dresser at Houghton’s shop in Bristol — this time for the princely sum of ?1 a week. But at the age of 17 Sydney joined with his brother Arthur, then 20, and bought out his father. That was in 1901. It is from this period that the company has preserved one of its own printed price catalogues. Proclaiming itself as ‘Bailey’s Stores, the up-to-date ironmongers’ the company proudly lists its wares at prices which, by present-day standards, at least, certainly warrant the ‘bargain’ labels. The front page offer was a ‘Peerless’ lawn mower for 13s. They go on to offer ‘all steel spades from 1s.’, flower pots at 3d. per dozen, japanned iron trunks from 3s.11d. and tin kettles at 3d. And perhaps best of all was ‘Bailey’s monster Penny Bazaar’ offering dozens of items including china cups, tea plates, wine glasses, saucepans, coal shovels, scrubbing brushes and sponge tins at one penny a piece! At such prices it is not surprising to learn that Sydney and his brother were quite happy with weekly takings of ?30. In 1904 Sydney was left on his own with the business when his brother went to Canada. But in 1910 another brother, Frank, joined him as a partner, and in 1914 they took in their youngest brother, Clifford. In the meantime the firm had taken the first step towards extending its premises. A grocer’s shop at No. 113, next door to the existing premises, was taken over — a move justified by booming trade during the war years, when the firm turned to making for itself many hardware items otherwise unobtainable. It was this interest in the wholesale side of the trade which persuaded Mr. Sydney to give up his role in the family business, and set up on his own immediately
Hand Embroidered Safari Christmas Ornaments, Set of 4~Free Pouch
Hand Embroidered Safari Christmas Ornaments, Set of 4~Free Pouch
This regal gang of four Stunning, Safari Christmas Ornaments make an impressive entrance. Their cotton velvet furs are beautifully detailed with zardozi embroidery. Featuring a giraffe, lion, tiger and camel, the animals are crafted by Parvez A. Warsi. Wholesale Decorators Market Gift to you ~ FREE golden pouch Safari Christmas Ornaments Dimensions: Tallest piece: 5.1" H x 2.2" W x 0.2" D Smallest piece: 3.2" H x 3.9" W x 0.4" D Hand Embroidered Christmas Ornaments brought to you by National Geographic and Wholesale Decorators Market Shipping: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as this item is hand made especially for you!

national wholesale furniture
national wholesale furniture
Design Your Own Night Light With This Ready-To-Decorate Night Light Kit! (Lot/5)
These shaded night lights allow you to decorate the shade with your own choice of material. The half-round shade fits against the wall and covers the entire switch plate. Everything is included and ready to decorate. Simply remove the brown protective covering on the shade to expose the adhesive and you can apply your own material such as handmade paper, mulberry paper, wallpaper border, fabric or your own personal artwork. All you do is peel and stick, it's that easy. A good quality night light mechanism with an on/off switch and a 5 watt bulb is included. This offer is for 5 brand new shaded night lights. Be sure to visit our National Artcraft Storefront to see more related items AND hundreds more products that fit all your craft, art and hobby needs!!! We have the creative component you need!!!