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Discount Hotel Furniture

discount hotel furniture
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  • A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. The provision of basic accommodation, in times past, consisting only of a room with a bed, a cupboard, a small table and a washstand has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including en-suite
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  • In French contexts an hotel particulier is an urban "private house" of a grand sort. Whereas an ordinary maison was built as part of a row, sharing party walls with the houses on either side and directly fronting on a street, an hotel particulier was often free-standing, and by the eighteenth
discount hotel furniture - Restaurant Equipment
Restaurant Equipment and Supply Hotel Furniture Stores for Sale Boards 24"x19"
Restaurant Equipment and Supply Hotel Furniture Stores for Sale Boards 24"x19"
Description and Features:
Size: 24" x 19"
Simple button control with 7 color lights, changing in rotation, for multicolor combinations.
The writing surface is a rigid abrasion resistant PMMA board, easy to write-on and wipe-off.
Large firm writing area for unlimited creative choices.
Portable, easy to set up by hanging vertically.
Energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, durable and long-lasting.
No computer necessary to create powerful graphic images and text.

Package Includes:
1x Message Board
1x White Fluorescent Marker Pen
1x Wiper
1x Power Adapter
1x Hanging Chain

Perfect for the following businesses:
Coffee Shops Sandwich Shops Ice Cream Parlors Fast Food Outlets Wine & Cocktail Bars Pubs & Restaurants Hotels & Convention Centers Hair & Beauty Salons Bookmakers Bookstores Estate Agents Real Estate Agents Travel Agents Convenience Stores Convenient Stores Florists Retail outlets Boutiques
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This bid is for the Writing Board only, and does not include Easel, Re-chargeable Battery. You may bid these items from our store or ask us for a quote

75% (10)
MEJA PAYUNG CAFE JATI Asli. SUPER MURAH!! GARANSI HARGA TERMURAH DI DKI JAKARTA! Kami TIRTA JATI FURNITURE adalah supplier Furniture dari kayu Jati asli berkualitas tinggi, dengan proses produksi dan perakitan oleh para tukang profesional berpengalaman lebih dari 10 tahun, dikemas rapih dan langsung dikirimkan ke tempat anda, menjamin kualitas dan kerapihan produk furniture kami. Produk kami telah banyak dipakai oleh berbagai Hotel, Apartemen, dan Resto di Indonesia. Para user terbaru kami diantaranya adalah: 1.Shinju Apartment – Apartemen berkelas di lokasi strategis di daerah Cilandak (10 menit dari Cilandak Town Square) 2.Kampus LPPI Kemang – Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia 3.Sushi Miya8i – Sushi restaurant harga ekonomis berkualitas tinggi untuk para kawula muda. Jl.Ahmad Dahlan, Kebayoran Baru 4.Warung O’nals – Noodle restaurant lezat dengan konsep trendy. Cawang,Jakarta Timur 5.PT.Bhumyamca Sekawan – Managing Company of Cilandak Commercial Estate 6.PT. Pentawira Cipta Laras Indonesia – Salah satu Perusahaan Desain dan Kontraktor Exhibition terbesar di Indonesia (PRJ) 7.Churreria: Spanish Chocolateria – Dessert Cafe lezat berkelas di Central Park,Podomoro City. 8.Apartemen Slipi – Apartemen mewah berkelas di area bisnis Slipi. Saat ini kami mengadakan LEBARAN SPECIAL PROMO: up to 50% + 10% Discount ALL ITEMS!! Promosi berlaku hingga 30 September 2011. Ingin mempercantik halaman rumah anda, atau anda ingin membuka Outdoor Cafe? Berikut ini kami tawarkan produk BEST SELLER dari toko kami: MEJA PAYUNG CAFE Tersedia dalam berbagai variasi model dan ukuran: • Bundar / Octagonal, diameter: 100cm / 120cm / 140cm • Persegi, 120x80cm, 140x80cm, dll dapat disesuaikan dengan pesanan anda • Tersedia juga dalam model lainnya sesuai pesanan Ukuran Payung: Diameter 2.5m / 3m / 3.5m Untuk model meja,kursi dan payung, terdapat beberapa alternatif pilihan model dan ukuran seperti model lipat, solid, bangku panjang,dll. Silakan hubungi kami untuk keterangan dan contoh gambar lebih detail. Tambahan aksesoris (optional): 1.Bantalan dengan bahan anti air untuk dudukan / sandaran, menambah kenyamanan duduk anda. 2.Tiang payung dapat dibengkokkan ke kiri-kanan, menambah keunikan meja payung anda. Selain meja payung outdoor, kami juga menerima pemesanan Furniture lainnya, seperti: Almari, Nakas, Meja Makan Set, Kursi Teras Set, dll. Selain kayu Jati, terdapat juga beberapa alternatif kayu lainnya sesuai selera dan budget anda seperti: Mahoni, Akasia dan Waru. Jangan lewatkan promosi terbatas ini!! Untuk pemesanan segera hubungi kami di: E-mail: Telp: 021-96006015 Jl.Kosambi Timur Raya Blok E9 No.38 Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat Special Notes: - Untuk pemesanan dalam partai besar, kami berikan tambahan diskon khusus - Segala kerusakan yang terjadi akibat resiko pengiriman barang akan menjadi tanggungan kami * - Garansi produk selama 1 tahun* - Kami juga melayani pemesanan di luar Jakarta & Jawa * Syarat dan ketentuan berlaku
TIRTA JATI FURNITURE - OUR CLIENT : Churreria Spanish Chocolateria - Central Park-01
TIRTA JATI FURNITURE - OUR CLIENT : Churreria Spanish Chocolateria - Central Park-01
Dessert Cafe lezat berkelas di Central Park,Podomoro City, Jakarta. Our Items: UMBRELLA CAFE + WOOD STANDING =========================================== Kami TIRTA JATI FURNITURE menyediakan beragam jenis dan warna Payung untuk Cafe,Hotel & Restaurant. Payung dapat berdiri sendiri dengan penambahan Wood Standing, ataupun dikombinasikan dengan Meja Payung Set. Tertarik dengan item ini? Hubungi kami segera untuk pemesanan atau informasi lebih detail. Kami berikan HARGA PROMOSI SPESIAL LEBARAN: UP TO 50% DISCOUNT ALL ITEMS!! TIRTA JATI FURNITURE E-mail: Phone: 021-96006015 Jl.Kosambi Timur Raya Blok E9 No.38 Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat

discount hotel furniture
discount hotel furniture
Curved-Leg Luggage Rack - Walnut
With its classic curved legs and walnut finish, this handsome hardwood luggage rack will make each guest feel like a VIP in a fine hotel. Handy for packing and unpacking, the luggage stand folds flat for storage and features sturdy nylon straps to support suitcases, towels or other supplies. This bedroom luggage rack is made of beechwood, and comes in a rich Walnut finish. Holds luggage up to 70 lbs! Be a helpful host by providing your guests with a convenient folding luggage rack! Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.