Appeals are in fact made to The Princess of Yaximixche, who then refers the case to the Court of Justice of Virtual Worlds for "advice". The panel of experts hearing a particular case is known as "the Board".

The Court of Justice of Virtual Worlds hears appeals whose opinion is reported to The Princess of Yaximixche and to the corresponding organisations in the countries that are involved in the citizen or resident dispute.

Information on Virtual Worlds' Law is free for consultation. If you need help in solving a dispute originated in Virtual Worlds and that could be enforced by current law, please submit your case. If your request is accepted by The Princess of Yaximixche and the Board then The Court of Justice of Virtual Worlds will provide a recommendation and might inform about your case to the corresponding organisms and authorities in the countries involved in the dispute. The purpose of this reporting is the detection of scam schemes and for helping the authorities in catching them and improving justice in Virtual Worlds.

The quality of the recommendation could vary depending on the complexity of the case and availability of information of specific laws.

For sending a case to the Court of Justice of Virtual Worlds you need to click on Submit your Appeal/Complaint/Case

For sending your case directly to the corresponding authorities either international or country based organisations, please click on the section International Law and you will find the links of organisations at the bottom of the page that could help you in solving a dispute legally. Then continue with each country's organisations.

You can also help in improving the information available in this website by suggesting law or organisms where citizens and residents of Virtual Worlds can send their appeals, complaints or cases. By clicking on Suggest law or organisms for appealing/complaining you can provide us with information from your own country. The Board will check your suggestion and will be added to this website.