Nigerian dwarf goats

Nigerian dwarf goats

Everything you need to know about Nigerian dwarf goats


Nigerian Dwarf Goats.


The Nigerian dwarf goats are suggested to be around 75 lbs, and have a variation of colors, 6 to be exact. *WARNING* these goats have horns which is very dangerous for people and themselves if they are in a pet or farm environment. Their horns are dangerous because goats love to play by head butting. Their head is very hard which enables them to do this; if they have horns they can cause major damage to you or other animals. Horns are dangerous to goats because they can get their horns in a lock and hurt themselves(or other goats), or they can get stuck on a fence. People do a thing called “Disbudding” which is when they remove the horns at a few weeks old, this helps prevent problems for you and your pets.



  For these goats it’s good to have a balance between good feed, proper goat treats, and the correct graze (hay).

A good Feed has 12%-18% protein; I feed my goats a good 14% because I don’t want my goats to become over weight. Meat goats and Does that are kidding need a higher percentage of protein. When I get graze I like to get 3 types; Alfalfa hay (3rd or 4th cut),  Orchard grass, and straw (for them to lie on, but you want to  clean this out often. When you get treats For your goats, make sure that you can mush them between your fingers to make sure it's nice and soft for them. Be careful they can get sick just like humans if they have had too much treats. They LOVE molasses so if you wan you take a handful of feed and mix it with molasses your goat will not only love it, it’s not too bad in moderation! I like to give my goats fresh water EVERY day, when you put up the hooks to hold the buckets make sure that they can reach but make sure it’s not too low or they will poop in it ewww!! I know, but animals will be animals ;) When you find a feed make sure that there is *NOT UREA IN IT!!!!* this is VERY toxic to goats!!!


Goats need at least a 3 sided shelter, but I would recommend 4. When you buy or build a shelter for your goat make sure it’s NOT airtight, the goats need fresh air, they are used to living in the mountains you know. No dampness! The straw can catch on fire if it gets wet, Ironic huh?

Goats LOVE toys, their favorite game is “king of the mountain”. I built my goats a cool ramp and an A-frame. I used old cement blocks we had and scrap wood. I also modified a dog pooper scooper to clean up after them, it works quite efficiently!


Nigerian dwarf goats are mostly located in West Africa but, they can live anywhere there is food shelter and love :0)


Goats breed year round although breeders breed them 3 times in 2 years giving them a 6 month break. The babies are born in 6 weeks and re usually born at 2 Lbs.


 Some of their enemies are; Wolves, Coyotes, Dogs, Wild dogs, Lions, Cougars, and the fiercest of all the humans.



Their protection is Horns (if they have them) Hooves, and teeth! OUCH! ;)



The Nigerian dwarf goats were actually recovered off of the endangered list.


Fun facts:

~Did you know that goats don’t have top teeth? It’s all gums.

~Did you know that the goat has four stomachs like a cow and a spiral colon like a pig?

~Did you notice that goats have rectangular pupils? Did you know that Octopi (Plural of octopus) have this?


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Caprinae

Genus: Capra

Species: C. Aegagrus

Buck or Billyintact male.

Doe or Nanny= female goat.

KidMale / female baby.

Wether= a male goat that is castrated.

Kidding = when the Doe or Nanny gives birth.