Artist Statement

During my childhood, I collected treasure. Searches for emeralds and rubies were satisfied by alternatives in fragments of costume jewelry,

bubblegum-machine plastic, and stones with glittering mica. Quests to notice, collect, synthesize, and invent still drive my work as an artist and educator.  Rummaging and ruminating, I now create serial sculpture that incorporates ceramics, found objects, and poetry fragments. My studio explorations include tensions of fragile, ephemeral forms within vessels, containers, and associated mental and physical archives or personal collections.  Drawing on my education in literature and poetry, my work relates to my own writing and resonates with a range of other literary and philosophical voices such as Maxine Greene, Maxine Hong Kingston, and H.D.  I am deeply interested in studio craft, ceramics, and archaeology.   I have had the honor of serving as an arts educator, artist-in-residence, and curator within several art education settings.  Such opportunities are influences within my artistic processes.  Elements of experimentation, collaboration, and documentation within my teaching experiences strongly influence my practices as an artist.  

The reverse is also true.