It is said "good art is in the eye of the beholder." We are proud of the various types of arts and crafts created by our members. We have etchers, fiber artists, folk artists, fossil artists, painters, pastel artists, sculptors, textile artists and woodcarvers to name a few. In addition, we consider the term "artist" to encompass creative individuals who hold musical and writing talents. We invite you to "behold" and share your talents with us.

We love our patrons. If you consider yourself to be without artistic talent but have an appreciation for the arts, we cordially invite you to join our organization as well.

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Call To Artists
You are invited to join us in exhibiting your artwork at upcoming events. Go to Call to Artists to learn more.

Contact The Guild
You may use the following address to send us mail. Although we do not have a primary phone number, you may call any of the members listed inside of our brochure.

Courthouse Square Arts Guild
PO Box 213
Carlisle KY 40311