English Credit



This course builds on comprehension and composition skills developed in ninth-grade English. Students will use the writing process to develop skill in writing narratives, informative papers, character sketches, argumentative essays and research reporting using nontraditional materials. Students will also study world literature, including in-depth study of novels. Included will be test taking, grammar, usage, and reading comprehension to prepare for the NMSQT and SAT tests given in October of their junior year. The literary focus is World Literature.



English Credit



This is an accelerated course for students capable of handling difficult literature and writing. Emphasis will be on literary analysis and expository essays exploring world and classical literature and history. Test-taking strategies, grammar, usage, and reading comprehension to prepare for tests such as the NMSQT and SAT tests given in October of the junior year are fundamental to this course. Students who are interested in following the Advanced Placement program should register for this course. The literary focus is World Literature. Prerequisite: There will be no prerequisite work such as summer work, but students enrolled in English 10 Honors will undergo testing in reading and writing during the first week of school to determine eligibility for this class. Students who have difficulty with these tests might want to consider regular English class, as the skills tested are necessary for success in English 10 Honors.   



English Credit



This course builds on the comprehension and composition skills developed in English 10. Students will continue to use the entire composing process to develop skills in writing narratives and poetry, argumentative essays, interpretative essays, and research reporting including the annotated bibliography. The course includes a survey of American literature. Students will also prepare for the ACT and SAT College entrance examinations. This course can be taken online.



English Credit



This course is for junior students who are following the Advanced Placement program. It is an accelerated course for students capable of handling more difficult literature and writing. Emphasis is on expository and analytical writings that explore American literature. Students will also prepare for the ACT and SAT College entrance examinations.

ENGLISH 12 - Literature

English Credit (12th)



The British Literature Course will focus on reading skills that include: Making Predictions, Understanding Characters, Recognizing Theme, Understanding Figurative Language and Comparing and Contrasting. Informational comprehension skills will also be developed and reviewed. Students will sample various forms of British Literature including a play, novel, poetry and short stories. A key assignment for students will be a brief exposition paper in which they will analyze a drama. This course will not be attached to an academy.  This course may be taken online through Northridge High school.

Informational Reading
English Literature Credit (12th)

Students will read and analyze a variety of informational texts including web-based texts, magazine and newspaper articles, instructions and manuals, textbooks, and biographies and narratives. Using reading comprehension strategies, students will make meaning from the texts for real-world application. Reading activities and short writing prompts will reinforce and demonstrate student comprehension of expository texts. 









 ENGLISH 12 - Writing

English Credit

In this writing course, students will focus on writing and language skills as well as the interrelationship between reading and writing. Grammar and mechanics will be reviewed and emphasized throughout the term and assessments will be given. The class will review basic sentence and paragraph structure as well as writing traits. Students will complete reading and writing workshops for a narration/description essay, argumentative essay and a cause and effect essay. The writing process will be taught and practiced. This course will be attached to an academy.



English Credit



An accelerated course taught on a college level. AP English emphasizes an arduous reading schedule, expository, analytical, and other types of writing, which would normally be encountered in the freshman year of college. Homework averages three to five hours per week. Upon completion of the course, students may take the AP English Literature exam in May and may qualify for up to twelve-quarter hours of college credit.


CE - ENGLISH - Introduction to Writing

3 Credits

English Credit

12th Grade



College textbooks purchase required, approx. $120.00 

This class requires you to read and think about broad issues and then write about them using a process to come up with the best possible essay.  The overarching goal of composition is to provide students with the necessary skills and understanding to enter the discourse communities of the university and larger society. This is accomplished best by creating a similar community within the classroom so our students can see how they can take part in the larger intellectual conversation. Students in English 1010 students should produce a minimum of 20 pages of revised, finished prose over the course of the semester. The course emphasizes critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. Prerequisite: ACT English and Reading score of 21 or above taken BEFORE registration. ACT sub-scores of 19 may be accepted with teacher approval. Limit 25 students per semester. Highest ACT scores will be accepted first if over enrolled.


English Writing Credit

12th Grade Only



Weber State textbook purchase required approx. $60.00

This course will provide students with a basic knowledge of interpersonal and small group communication. The focus of the course is how humans establish and maintain relationships through communication, especially in the group context. Students will learn communication skills, which may allow them to improve relationships in their school, work, and personal lives.



Elective Credit

11th & 12th Grade Only


(714)-Advanced/CE Comm.


Students taking this course publish the Northridge High School yearbook. Such students should be creative, enthusiastic, responsible, reliable, and self-motivated. Students with interests in writing, design, and photography and business management are welcomed. Requirements: 3.0 GPA, no U’s. Limited enrollment based on application, interview and teacher approval.
READ 180

READ 180 is a course designed by leading reading researchers for Scholastic to help struggling readers raise their reading levels and confidence.  Success in READ 180 transfers over into all classes as students are better able to comprehend any reading material.  The course consists three main instruction methods: direct teacher instruction in specific reading strategies, silent reading of student-selected, level-appropriate novels, and computer work to focus on vocabulary, fluency, and spelling.  Throughout the course, students will track their reading levels through the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), which is a computer-based reading comprehension test.