Safety glasses are required for all classes.
Access to a vehicle is strongly suggested
Introduction to Automotive
CTE Credit
Fee $7.00
This is a course designed as a step into the automotive world.  Intro to Automotive  is a consumer level course designed to increase the understanding of basic automotive systems.  Instruction includes shop safety, lifting and jacking, hand tools, basic engine operation, lubrication systems, cooling systems, batteries, and wheels and tires.  General information on technology and careers in the industry will be discussed.  The course is 80% classroom work and 20% shop time.  This course is a prerequisite to the General Service Technician classes.  SkillsUSA membership is encouraged.  
General Service Technician I
CTE Credit
Fee $15.00
This course prepares students to service and maintain all types of vehicles.  The main focus will be on brake and steering and suspension systems.  Anti-lock brakes and stability control are included in the curriculum.  The subject matter is based on the NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation) task lists.  Available careers in the automotive industry will be discussed as well as post secondary educational opportunities.  The course is 50% class work and 50% shop time. SkillsUSA membership is encouraged.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Automotive must be passed with a ‘C’ or better or the approval of the instructor is required. 

General Service Technician II
CTE Credit
 Two Period Year Long
Fee $30.00 
This is a NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation ) accredited course with an opportunity for concurrent enrollment credit at Weber State University.  Electrical systems and engine performance will be covered during the first semester while engine repair will be the main focus of the second semester.  Employment in the automotive industry is beneficial.  The NATEF task list will be the curriculum guide.  Post secondary education opportunities will be presented.  Class work will take 50% of the course and shop time the other 50%.  As a college level course, students will be held to a high standard.   SkillsUSA membership is required for contest participation.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Automotive must be passed with a ‘C’ or better. General Service Technician II is a co requisite, it should have been passed (or passing) with a ‘C’ or better. Instructor approval is required.