3 myths regarding language learning

It is important to understand that in the language learning industry, you do not buy a language course, you invest in a language proficiency and the development of skills… Groupe SLC will adapt its programmes to suit your needs… Our competitors expect you to adapt to them… The big difference?? Our programs are based on RESULTS!!

Myths no 1:  Private courses are more expensive that group courses…

In fact, private courses turn out to be more economical and cheaper than group courses if you consider how effective they are; studies have shown that private courses are up to 6 times more effective and profitable because 100% of the teaching time is concentrated on the one student. During the lessons, we make sure you understand all concepts perfectly, we correct all your mistakes and we give you the tools to improve; we answer all your questions and we propose different conversation topics according to your needs. We teach you grammar, vocabulary, syntax, structures and  business communication. Each class is conducted at your own pace and according to your own needs.  

Myth no 2: You can learn from interacting with other students in a group…

In fact, group courses are actually counter-productive if you consider that other students in a group are NOT teachers, they are students… We have all heard the following ” Some people learn better in groups because they can learn and teach others while getting taught themselves”. That is completely untrue!! Only the teacher can correct your mistakes, give you valuable advice and help you get back on track when you make a mistake.

Myth no 3: Private courses are only available to companies…

Private courses are opened to all who want the best course available!! Our 60 instructors will meet you at your office or your home and provide you with the same highly effective and profitable courses offered to corporations.

Homework Assignments

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What results are you looking for in a language course?

posted Aug 27, 2011, 4:55 PM by Andy Leroux

If you could decide what to learn, how many lessons per week, how much home work, etc

Describe the type of language course would be odeal for you...

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