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Beck's couponing 101 :)

posted Jun 15, 2011, 12:31 PM by Rebecca Marko

Beck's couponing 101

Okay, so let me first admit that I have a very messy and unorganized case of OCD. Yeah, seems like an oxymoron, but really That is just me. Lets just say, I am an odd person. Anyways, I have had several friends ask me how I do my couponing. I am far from the extreme couponers that you see on TV. I see no need to have 350 cans of soup, or 1100 tooth brushes. I buy what I know my family will need and will use OR something that a charity could use. I don't have a crazy stock pile, a more reasonable one. So, my way of doing it is a bit more mellow :)

It starts with the Binder :) I use a three ring binder that I got for $0.25 on a before school sale. Natasha decorated mine for me! pretty darn cute??? huh? 

It is the kind of binder that has the outside clear pockets, In those I keep register rewards, catalina, and a pair of scissors. 

I then purchased 30 plastic sleeves for whole papers. I can't remember their technical names, sorry. 
I have two major sections and then subsections in my binder. In the front of it I have my loose coupon area that are then divided into thirteen sub sections....

Body stuff (tooth paste/brushes, body wash, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc)
cleaning/house stuff (laundry soap, cleaning stuff, , etc)
office/electronics (batteries, ink refill coupons, paper)
Medicines (vitamins and other meds)
non-perashable foods (pasta, sauce, rice, chips, etc)
perishable foods/freezer (milk, eggs, ice cream)
Cereal (Yeah, I know it is a non-perashable food, but I use these the most, so I thought they deserved their own space)
Pet stuff (dog food, cat litter, cat food)
paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates)
eating out (lots of fast food coupons, that we almost never use)
coupons for coupon train (normally pads, diapers, and stuff I don't use but others can)
OTHER (toys, clothing, etc)

Then in the back I have the complete non-cut adds from the papers. I put all of the smart source, red plum, p&G papers and what not in their own pocket.

I have 8 broken down boxes of crest tooth past in one because they each had four coupons on the inside for stuff I actually use, so they got their own pocket! 

I normally get 2-6 Sunday papers, depending on how good of coupons that they have. When I run out of empty pockets, I just put the newer smart source over the older and so on. That way I always know where they are. When they get so cut up that they are falling apart, I then just finish clipping the coupons and putting them in the front of my binder into the clipped coupon sections. 

Are you confused yet???? Okay, I am sure you are.

Now when I plan for a trip I check out several coupon sights (like Krazy coupon lady, Link on the right side of my blog) and also the store pages and make out a long list. I normally I will make lists for two or three stores at once. 
I get a blank envelope. My mother in law gave me a stack of return envelopes a while ago and these are my best friend! Anyways, I write my list on one side and place the coupons inside. 

That way they are all together. Then I bring another envelope that I place the coupons into as I get the items into my cart. That way I don't accidentally give the cashier coupons that I ended up not using. I reuse the same envelope four time because I write my list in several areas :) 
Now, to make my trips more fun, I normally bring a kid with me. They love it when they get to go shopping with mommy one on one. plus they almost always know that they get a special treat :) It is normally the kids that put the coupons in envelope #2 

when I put the item in my cart. They love it. :) Today, Isaiah was my date! He got to eat lunch at Target for his treat! 

SO, that is how a Crazy Beck does her shopping :) I hope I did not fully confuse you and you can get a glimpse of my chaos :)

happy couponing :)