Who In The World Am I?  

And Why call my blog " Just in Case"? 

In a Nutshell:

My Name is Dolly , and yes that is my birth name not a nickname.
Wanna see a picture?  Look here or here :)
FYI: In order to keep some anonymity, I will not post pictures of my family or give their names , So please don't ask :)

Here is my "bio" :)

Christian since 1992, happily married to my Prince since 1999, and a mommy since 2002. My Children: Princess girl (Holloween 2002), Super Boy (12-15-2003), Angel girl who is waiting for us in Heaven (born silent on 1-26-07) and Wonderdog 12-24-06. I currently a SAHM who is starting three new adventures: homeschool, Real Estate License and Weight Loss Surgery 8-8-07.

Why call it "Just In Case"?- Because my original concept was a place to store thoughts and links Just in Case of a computer crash - that original "blog: has been long gone and quite inactive. Just Recently  I started blogging again in a more traditional bloggy way- who knows for how long... my guess: until it is no longer fun :)

Wanna know more- E-mail me :)
Now for cryin’ out Loud, get back to my blog!