Couples Drinking Game

Couple Sex Game App & Drinking Game

The Couple Sex Game application on the Android Market is one of the steamiest ways for couples to explore their sexuality with each other. Simply downloading this application does not give you the means to begin to have amazing sex unless you and your partner want to spend a lot of time customizing the preferences. 

This game was created to simplify eroticism between couples and cut down on editing time with in the application. It is set up as a drinking game, but alcohol is not mandatory to play. Please read all of the challenges included with this game and make sure that you and your partner are willing to accept these challenges. Never force your partner to do anything they would not feel comfortable doing. This game is to increase your sexual experience with your partner, not alienate the two of you.

Please read the rules carefully, use the appropriate protection and most of all have fun.

DIRECTIONS – Set up time is about 5-10 minutes

1.       Download “Couple Sex Game” from the Android Market (free version works just fine)

2.       Start the app and choose the edit option

3.       Choose the Insert button and begin to enter the numbers for each activity on the activity page included on this site

4.      Enter numbers 1-69 on the line that says new action for the preset challenges (that means you will have 69 different challenges)

5.       On each action you must enter the minimum and maximum time. Again you may use the activity page on this site as a guide. (feel free to customize your time as you like)

6.       You must also choose which partner this activity is for. This can be found under the Orientation section on the activity page. (ex. He = For Men, She = For Women, Both = both For Men and For Women)

7.       Finally select save once you have finished customizing that activity. Repeat these steps until you have all 69 challenges entered.

8.       On the activity page there is also “End He” and “End She”. Follow the above steps and enter these activities in as well. This will be discussed in the rules.

9.       You may also add as many activities as you like while customizing time and orientation. Be as creative as you desire. This app is open to the imagination.

10.    On the main page of the app, enter in the amount of turns you want to play. (max is 99 and we suggest all 99)

11.    Select Play on the main page and roll the dice.


1.       Each partner should take the time to fully bathe all body parts prior to the game as a courtesy to the other. You wouldn’t want to turn off your partner with body odor would you?

2.       Each of you should have drinks ready to go. If you are not drinking, omit the rules on alcohol and substitute however you like.

3.       You may use any toys vibrators or pocket pussies for any of these challenges if you desire.

4.      When you begin the game you should both be fully clothed in something comfortable but easily removable.

5.       Use the activity page as your guide to unlocking the challenges

6.       The start of the game is randomly generated by the app and will alternate each turn. The round will show you who is challenged. The activity will be the number corresponding to the challenge on the activity page. The time left will be the randomly generated amount of time for this challenge to happen. At the end of each challenge your partner will be given a chance to rate your performance which is how the score is calculated. The activity page will show you and your partner what you should be wearing or not wearing for each challenge, as well as what to do for each challenge.

7.       When it is your turn you must read the challenge to your partner. Either you or your partner may refuse the challenge but the refusing partner must drink for the remaining time of the challenge and be rated with a zero. If you and your partner accept the challenge you must follow the instructions exactly for the full amount of time shown. Any time left on the clock should be spent drinking if you decide not to continue with the challenge. You may find yourself wanting to continue on past the remaining time but there are many challenges left to keep you in the mood so don’t blow it early.

8.       When it is your partners turn, you must take a drink while they read the challenge to you.

9.       End He and End She. If you get either one of these on your turn it is not a challenge that you must do right away. Read the challenge and keep this in mind for when you are about to orgasm. If you complete this challenge when you orgasm you should add 10 points to your final score.

10.    When you orgasm it does not mean the game is over. Sorry boys, this is about you AND your partner. The game is over when all the challenges are met and your final score is given.

11.    If for some reason you and your partner can not fulfill a challenge beyond your own control you should be rated a zero on that challenge and both partners drink for half the time on the clock.

12.    Only she challenges will be given to women and he challenges to men as a setting of the game so don’t worry about fulfilling a challenge without the proper equipment. We have thought this through and had overwhelming success with couples playing this game.

13.    The winner of the game is the partner with the highest score but we are sure you both will feel like winners after playing.

14.   The loser of the game must submit to the winner for 24 hours as their sex slave and do whatever the winner commands whenever it is commanded and must drink as much as told and when directed to do so.

Now shower up and get in the game. You are in for an exciting night with your partner. Every time you play it is a different experience so stop back to this page and try us again. Don’t forget to rate this game on our page and the app on the Android Market. We look forward to your feedback.

Activity Number Timeframe (seconds) Orientation Your Clothing Partners Clothing Challenge
1 25-30 She optional no pants take off your partners pants, lick his cock until it becomes hard and then deep throat his cock
2 25-30 both nude no pants let your partner film you while you go down on them
3 15-20 both optional optional blindfold your partner, change your voice and introduce yourself as someone else whom you both know. Then kiss your partner passionately.
4 5-7 both optional no pants bite and clamp down on your partners genitals as hard as you can without making them bleed
5 45-60 both nude nude go outside or to a public place with your partner and make out and grope each other while standing faceing one another
6 10-20 both optional optional suck your partners tongue
7 25-30 both optional optional blindfold your partner and make them think they are having a threesome
8 20-30 both nude nude pour flavored syrup on your partners body and lick it off
9 4-7 both optional optional just drink
10 30-45 both optional optional lay your partner down, maintain eye contact while caressing your partners face and head
11 60-75 both fully fully make out heavily like teenagers
12 10-15 both optional optional nibble on your partners ear
13 10-20 both optional no pants lick your partners ass cheeks
14 30-45 both fully as is put all of your clothes back on
15 25-30 both no pants no pants take your partners underwear off with your teeth
16 90-120 She nude fully give your partner a sexy lap dance
17 10-15 both fully fully pull down your pants and flash your genitals while rubbing them seductively
18 5-15 both fully fully take off your shirt and flash your chest and squeeze your breasts together
19 20-30 both no pants no pants mutually masturbate yourself and your partner
20 15-30 both no pants optional take off your pants and shake your ass on your partners face
21 20-30 He no pants optional take off your pants, swing your hips making your cock spin like a helicopter on your partners face
22 60-90 both optional nude turn off the lights, get down on all fours while your partner lays on the floor. Find your partners genitals or mouth with only your tongue
23 90-120 both nude nude give your partner a full body massage. Do nothing sexual
24 20-30 both optional optional explore your partners mouth with your tongue. No kissing
25 10-15 He optional optional in your sexiest voice tell your partner how bad you want her body and that you are her sex slave
26 20-30 He nude optional do 10 naked pushups on top of your partner
27 10-15 She optional optional in your sexiest voice tell your partner what a dirty little slut you are and that you want his cock
28 60-90 both no pants nude handcuff your partner, take a picture then rest your genitals on your partners face
29 60-90 both no pants no pants do a 69 with your partner with you on top
30 20-30 both optional optional tell your partner something dirty that you want to do but have never told before
31 90-100 both as is optional dress up in whatever your partner wants
32 20-30 both optional no pants lick only the skin in between your partners genitals and asshole
33 20-30 both optional optional do whatever your partner wants sexually
34 20-30 He optional no pants put an ice cube in your partners pussy and try to get it out with your tongue
35 30-50 both optional no pants put an ice cube in your mouth and give your partner oral
36 20-30 both optional no pants use only 1 hand to pleasure your partner
37 50-60 both as is as is tell your partner your darkest sexual fantasy in as much detail as possible
38 30-60 both nude nude give your partner oral sex like a porn star. Make it sloppy
39 30-60 both optional optional french kiss with no lips, only use your tongues
40 50-60 both nude nude have porn star style sex with your partner. Make it loud
41 5-10 both optional nude take a naked picture of your partner in any position you like
42 30-60 both optional optional send a xxx sext message to your partner. Be explicit
43 30-60 He optional no pants nibble on your partners clit
44 30-60 She optional no pants nibble on your partners balls
45 30-60 both nude optional masturbate and let your partner film it
46 50-60 both optional nude lick your partners body from head to toe
47 10-15 He optional no pants insert your cock into your partners asshole
48 10-20 both optional no shirt suck on your partners nipples
49 60-90 She optional no pants lick your partners balls only
50 10-20 both optional optional finger your partners asshole
51 60-90 He optional no pants eat out your partners pussy while maintaining eye contact
52 10-30 both optional optional kiss your partners genitals
53 30-60 both optional optional fuck your partner any position you like
54 50-60 both optional no pants lick your partners genitals
55 30-60 She no pants optional rub your pussy on your partners face
56 10-30 He no pants no pants insert your cock into your partners pussy. No thrusting
57 60-90 both optional optional french kiss each others mouths only. No hands
58 60-90 She optional no pants give a blowjob to your partner while maintaining eye contact
59 20-30 both optional no pants give your partner oral while humming
60 5-10 both optional no pants spank your partners ass
61 20-30 both no shirt no pants using whipped cream, make a sundae out of your partners genitals and eat it
62 60-75 both nude nude standing behind your partner reach around and feel all over their body while kissing their neck. Your partner is only allowed to turn their head to kiss you, not their body
63 10-20 both no pants no pants rub your genitals on your partners genitals. No penitration is allowed
64 30-40 both nude nude passionately make love to your partner missionary style. You are on top
65 15-20 He no pants optional lower your balls into your partners mouth. Teabag
66 15-20 She no pants optional lower your breast into your partners mouth
67 30-40 both as is as is dominate your partner sexual. Be as aggressive as you want. Your partner must obey
68 10-15 both optional nude lick your partner from their asshole to the back of their neck
69 10-15 both optional no pants choke your partners neck with your hands for a few seconds and then pleasure them orally
End He 1-2 He as is as is When you are about to cum, position your cock in front of your partners face and shoot your wad on her face. Your partner must lick it off her own face.
End She 1-2 She as is as is When you are about to cum, throw your partner on his back and plant your pussy on his mouth or cock whichever you prefer. Your partner must wipe your cum into his mouth.

Julie Mohanty,
Dec 23, 2011, 11:54 AM
Julie Mohanty,
Dec 23, 2011, 11:54 AM
Julie Mohanty,
Dec 23, 2011, 11:54 AM
Julie Mohanty,
Dec 23, 2011, 11:54 AM
Julie Mohanty,
Dec 23, 2011, 11:54 AM
Julie Mohanty,
Dec 23, 2011, 11:54 AM