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How to Host Your Own Event

1)    Pick a theme or a concept for your event

2.)   Fill out the Hip Happenings application form 

(The application can be found at at the bottom of this page as an attachment) and submit to the Hip Happenings Committee Chair.  This year's chairs are Shelle Baker (shellbake@msn.com) and Maren Elze (marenelze@me.com).

The form will act as a guide to:
  •     Identify the host(s) and event location
  •     Event capacity/establish how many tickets can be sold
  •     Establish the date and time
  •     Share details with committee to eliminate potential for duplication
  •     State the purpose/theme of the event
  •     Describe your event in detail to help with publicity (e.g. newsline, flyers,  website)  
Event Guidelines
  • Communication chain:  The Event Host should coordinate primarily with the Chair of the Hip Happenings committee regarding scheduling and marketing details.  Chair ensures that the event application form is filled out and routed for approvals and keeps up-to-date on events as they progress and happen.   PTO VP of Fundraising will keep the PTO Board, Principal and website up-to-date based on information from the Chair. 
  • Events need to have a purpose or theme  (cocktail parties where the primary purpose of the gathering is social drinking will not be approved) 
  • Host(s) assume the same responsibilities/liabilities as they would any other gathering held in their home.   Hosts are advised to check with their home owners insurance policy or legal council if you have concerns or questions.
  • Event costs held at private homes, need to be covered by the host(s) as a donation to Countryside PTO.  The full ticket price should go back to the school.  Please plan your event to fit your family’s budget.  Cost saving ideas include either splitting cost among several friends, going “potluck” style or hosting smaller, more intimate gatherings for less people.   Our goal is to turn “everyday get-togethers” that you might do with a group of friends, into an easy fundraiser for a worthwhile cause…our kids and our school. 
  •  Large-scale events (100 people or more) that are held at location such as restaurant or other business may be allowed to have a portion of the ticket price given to the 3rd party involved. At minimum, 75% of the ticket costs should go back to Countryside. 
  • Please check with your tax advisor on tax deduction issues.


If an emergency situation arises where the host is unable to hold the event, we will work with the host to reschedule the event at a later date within the school year.  In a situation where an event is only partially filled (more unsold tickets remain, than sold), the Chair will evaluate (with the host) on a case by case basis whether to cancel the event and offer a credit to ticket buyers.

Our policy is to reschedule an event or offer a credit towards a future event, rather than offer cash refunds to ticket buyers.  We are unable to offer reimbursements for any costs incurred by a host for an event that has been cancelled or rescheduled.



Judy Thommes,
Jun 3, 2009, 6:06 PM