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The purpose of the Countryside Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is to support and enhance the educational programs at Countryside Elementary and to strengthen the relationship between home and school. Read More ...

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Save the Dates: 

August 2018
20 - Teacher Assignments
30 - Back to School Open House

September 2018
4 - First Day of School (Grade 1-5)
5 - First Day of School (Kindergarden)
14 - All School Party

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On-Line School Supplies

Attention Countryside Parents!  We know this year is rapidly coming to a close but it's time to start thinking about next year - specifically school supplies!  Once again, the Countryside PTO is providing families with a convenient way to order everything you need for next year through our school store on MySchoolAnywhere.  Just click on the link below and you'll find grade-specific supply bundles, Pride shirts, and planners.  

A few important changes to note this year: 1) grade level planners (required for grades 1-5) are included in the school supply bundles; you'll only need to purchase them separately if you opt to purchase your school supplies outside of MySchoolAnywhere, and 2) ALL students are required to have either headphones or ear buds for use at school; these ARE NOT included in bundles but can be purchased at MySchoolAnywhere.  Please purchase either headphones or ear buds, based on your child's personal preference.

As always, we encourage you to make your family's annual contribution ("dues") when purchasing school supplies.  You'll see a product button which allows you to take care of this contribution in one easy click.  Your annual contribution helps support great things like the All School Party, the Countryside Media Center, anticipated playground enhancements, and classroom enhancements that all students enjoy, including: RazzKids, Go Noodle and Scholastic News.  Contributions also provide our teachers with much-needed and appreciated classroom funding at the beginning of the school year.

Your new online directory and shop

Countryside Parents: as we continue through the school year, we want to make sure that all of your information is updated and correct in MySchoolAnywhere.  Families will utilize this information throughout the school year as it is the foundation of our school's family directory and room parents will begin using this information to keep you informed of events and opportunities to get involved in the classroom.  Please take a moment to review your family's profile and ensure that everything is accurate.  Pay especially close attention to grade levels as we cannot guarantee a student's inclusion on a class roster without the correct grade level.  If you previously adjusted your child's/children's grade level, then it likely advanced a year when we ran our "graduation" late last month.  If your family has not yet registered, please do so at: 

In addition to serving as Countryside's directory, MySchoolAnywhere also acts as an on-line store where you can conveniently purchase Pride shirts and grade level planners for your student(s).  You'll also have the option of paying PTO contribution ("dues") through MySchoolAnywhere. 

Why are we doing this?

* Saves time – this new system allows us to publish the directory right when school starts AND we can keep it up to date throughout the school year, plus your profile remains in the system as long as you have students enrolled at Countryside (we'll only ask you to confirm your information each year to make sure everything remains accurate)

* Less waste - no more paper forms, no more paper directories

* Reduces errors - because you enter your information yourself, you can be guaranteed it's what you want

How does it work?

First, you will input your information online, and then you will be granted secure access to the online system. To enter your information please go to the link below and follow the instructions. This is a secure form and you can print your submission for your records.


Enter code: countrysideedina

Once we have received and reviewed your family’s information you will receive an email with login instructions. (note: student information will be merged with their teacher's profile after teacher assignments are announced)

What are the benefits of the online directory

* It’s secure – your family will have a unique login and password and the directory can’t be lost or stolen

* You can search by student’s first name, grade, teacher and family last name.

* You can create your own custom list of frequently-called families

You can access the family directory from any internet connected device: your computer, smart phone, iPad, etc.

* You can purchase Pride shirts and grade level planners, as well as pay your PTO membership dues

Is it secure?


YES! All data is stored behind secure firewalls and can only be accessed by authorized users with a validated username and encrypted password. All data is viewed and passed using SSL encryption.

**Please note that a limited number of paper directories will be available for those families who need them.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions; however the following link will take you to a guide which should address most issues: