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Since 1998 this little roadhouse in the country has been your home for good food and good times in historic Triumph, Illinois.


Triumph was laid out by Stephen R. Beggs in 1836. He named the prospective town La Fayette, but failing in his expectations, vacated his plat. Many years after, the present village of Triumph was laid out on the old site. It now contains about a hundred inhabitants, supporting a few shops and stores, a school and church. Joseph Reynolds was the first settler here, coming as early as 1830.

"At the intersection of section lines 17, 18, 19 and to is Triumph. 1 Here and near here was made the pioneer settlement of Ophir Township, by Reynolds, Baldwin, Johnson and Biggs. The place is not one of much importance. About one dozen families now have their homes here and the town has one store and two blacksmith shops. There is quite a fine Methodist church; and also, which speaks well for the people, a very fine two-story schoolhouse. Of its early history it is told that Rev. Mr. Biggs, in 1835, platted the ground, giving to his plat the high sounding title of Lafayette. His attempt to sell lots and settle people here was a failure. Recognizing this, he vacated the place not long afterward. Norman Dewey opened a small stock of goods here. Derisively the place was called "Hard Scrabble," a name which for some years clung to it. Dewey was succeeded by Thomas Parks, who increased the business somewhat. A post office was established and called Triumph. Mr. Parks was made Postmaster. The name of the post office became the name of the village. Mr. Parks was succeeded by W. H. Worsley, the merchant and Postmaster of 1885, in which year the Northern Illinois Railroad, a branch or the Northwestern, built a line passing near Triumph and giving them a station. Radical improvement in the business of Triumph may be expected in the near future." - from Past and Present of La Salle County, Illinois - published 1887  

   Family owned, you know you are ready for an experience like no other.  The Giant Burgers, our awesome "not special in any way fries, because why do you need a gimmick to sell fries" fries, the seasonal specials, dancing, music, sports on our six televisions.....why HAVEN'T YOU BEEN HERE?

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