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The information below is intended for teachers who are using this Web Quest Unit.


Computer Applications, Social Studies Foreign country internet research and multimedia webpage creation.


1. Students will be able to effectively search the internet for factual information.

2. Students will be able to determine the information's reliability level.

3. Students will be able to discuss and share information about a foreign country.

4. Students will be able to identify and collect citation information from online resources.

5. Students will be able to gather images from the internet following copyright and citation guidelines.

6. Students will be able to create a web page based multimedia report

7. Students will be able to create a PhotoStory slideshow movie.


Illinois Learning Standards:

IL.3.C STANDARD: Communicate ideas in writing to accomplish a variety of purposes.

IL.5.A STANDARD: Locate, organize, and use information from various sources to answer questions, solve problems and communicate ideas.

IL.5.C STANDARD: Apply acquired information, concepts and ideas to communicate in a variety of formats.

IL.17.A STANDARD: Locate, describe and explain places, regions and features on the Earth.

IL.18.A STANDARD: Compare characteristics of culture as reflected in language, literature, the arts, traditions and institutions.


NETS-S.4 STANDARD: Technology communications tools

NETS-S.5 STANDARD: Technology research tools


Internet access

Foreign Country Research Project Web Quest website

PhotoStory software

Microsoft PowerPoint software

Microsoft Publisher software

Foreign Country Research Outline

Works Cited Data Collection Sheet

Website Reliability Sheet

PhotoStory directions Sheet


Country Research - 5 days

Image Collection - 2 days

Website E-Report - 3 days

PhotoStory Movie - 1 day

Non-Linear PowerPoint - 5 days

Total Unit Timeline - 16 days

Learning Methodology

Students will progress through the unit steps at their own pace, with a target completion date in mind. The teacher should gauge where the class is along the process, and adjust the demonstration for that day to align with the listed steps. Most worksheets and activities are designed for independent student learning with a teacher demonstration at the beginning of each day.

Prerequisite Student Learning

Technology Integration – Technology is used throughout this activity. Students will meet NETS standards 4 & 5 by researching and communication these research findings using technology and the internet. Online research skills, website reliability rating, webpage creation, image manipulation, and basic digital movie making skills are integrated throughout this unit. Students will need to have been introduced to the below mentioned activities and skills. This unit and series of activities will provide evidence of mastery of these skills.

Internet research methods

Effective internet searching skills

Website reliability rating

Internet resource citation skills

Basic webpage creation


Student should follow each of the steps listed on the Process page

Problem & Solutions

The following resources will help you and students with technical challenges and issues.

1. Microsoft Publisher Web Page Creation

2. Microsoft PhotoStory

3 Website reliability rating

4. Website resource citation rules

5. Effective searching on the internet.


Unit suggested evaluation rubric can be found on the Evaluation page

Teacher Notes

Students are encouraged to help each other answer questions and problem solve technical issues. While the worksheets and activities are designed to allow for independent student learning, a daily checkpoint from the teacher is necessary to keep students from bogging down in the details. I have found that a daily project timeline review, and skills review are useful to students.