Welcome to Country Paws Rescue


*Country Paws is officially closed.  All dogs and cats that are left are being moved to CAPS, Groomingdales, or foster homes.  They are still being adopted out.


Even though Country Paws is officially closed, this site will still remain up to keep the public informed on the progress and status of the remaining dogs and cats.  You can even still adopt.  We were successful in getting the animals help so that euthanization did not have to become an option.


We are also in the process of adding a page for the public to view our adoption stories.  Check back soon for updates.


Email: CountryPawsRescue@gmail.com


Special Thanks:

We would like to extend a special 'Thank You' to several people that have made this possible.  Without them, our special friends might not make it to happy homes.  You truly are 'angels from above'.

Sincerely, Country Paws Rescue Staff