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In the Country of the Blindfolded


a record of an personal journey through the many pathways of modern science

I have started this project with a simple aim: to refresh, for myself, the long lost link with active science. During brief moments I have tried to make notes of the interesting subjects of scientific developments. But, as the material grew, I have realised that there is, perhaps, a niche for a book documenting (in a slightly amateurish way) the strangeness of modern science, its successes and failures, its extraordinary hypotheses and results; as well as the surrounding plethora of silly notions, crank theories and political fights.

You may find in the book, accounts of physics and biology, cosmology, and social sciences; there are references to religion and education (or should I say mis-education?); stories of the incredible development of mainstream research and equally incredible junk science, reflections on scientific method and its enemies. I express also my worry about the decline in the position and value that science brings to our societies, the state of universal (mis)education and growing influence of irrationality and mumbo-jumbo.

The project has started almost two years ago, and it is largely unfinished. Parts of the book need rework and enhancement. One of the reasons of putting it on the Web in this half-baked form is to gather comments and suggestions for improvement.


All remarks are welcome and should be sent to

countryofblindfolded located at gmail . com

I hope that at least some of the readers would find the book funny or eye-opening. Writing it was (and is) for sure such an experience for me. Good (proof)reading!


I have also started a science related blog, which is kept much more up-to-date 

and I encourage you to visit it and comment.





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Download the book in PDF format (about 6MB in size)

Some readers have reported problems downloading the pdf file (especially from under MS Internet Explorer). Should you have such problems, contact me at the e-mail address.

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First version published March 1st, 2006, latest update January 2nd, 2008