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Fresh Eggs available now at $3.00/dozen

Our eggs are from our happy, healthy, chickens.  When you stop by our stand, you may see them wondering around out back.  Our girls always have access to their outdoor pen to get some fresh air. When we are home, we also let them out to roam around the yard.  They love to pick bugs from the ground.  They can eat grass and weeds, find a cool spot in the shade, or do one of their favorite things, take a dust bath. 

Allowing them outdoors has many advantages over factory farms, which is where store-bought eggs come from.  The more space that is allowed per bird gives them a cleaner environment; therefore allowing them to free-range is most ideal.   They are also able to get more exercise, which we all know is healthier!  Walking around in green grass is much healthier than cement floors covered in excrement which is found on factory farms.  The ability to wander around outside, makes for happier hens and better tasting eggs!

Please see the ‘Free Range Egg Test Results’ below.  These are the results of a test done by Mother Earth News Magazine in 2007.  They compared 14 free range flocks and tested the nutritional value compared to the official USDA values in factory raised chicken eggs.  I am sure you will find it very interesting! 

Now go and enjoy those fresh, flavorful eggs!


Free-Range Egg Test Results, 2007


All values are per 100 grams of egg.

Vitamin E (mg)

Vit. A Activity (IU)

Beta Carotene (mcg)

Omega-3s (g)

Cholesterol (mg)

Sat. Fat (g)

Eggs from Confined Birds
(per USDA Nutrient Database)







Free-range Egg Averages
Mother Earth News, 2007







Taken from Mother Earth News Magazine October/November 2007.