Special Event Flyers

Download a PDF flyer for special events & dance parties:


Oct. 1 (Sat): Harvest Dance

Oct. 28 (Sat): Great Pumpkin Dance

Nov. 5 (Sun): Celebrating Leah Barkan's Life & Legacy
Nov. 25 (Sat): Thanksgiving Dance

Dec. 3 (Sun): Holiday Delight

Dec. 31 (Sun): New Year's Eve


Jan. 20 (Sat): Frosty's Meltdown

Feb. 4 (Sun): Chocolate Round-O

Mar. 4 (Sun): Award-Winning Dances

Mar. 24 (Sat): Celebration of Spring Ball    
    6 for the Six Proud Walkers (Fried Herman)
    Another Nancy's Fancy (Pat Shaw)
    Britain's  Success
    Elephants Stairs
    Heartland (Orly Krasner)
    Indian Princess, The (Colin Hume)
    Introduction, The (Fried Herman)
    Leather Lake House
    Lull Me Beyond Thee
    Mr. Ross's Dance (Philippe Callens)
    Mylecharane (Fried Herman)
    Ode to the Pianist (Fried Herman)
    Peace Be with You (Fried Herman)
    Resolution (Charles Bolton)
    Scotch Cap
    Scotch Morris
    Sir Watkin's Jigg
    Sun Assembly
    Supporting Friends (Toos Heesakkers)
    Woodstock Park

Apr. 21 (Sat): April Showers

May 6 (Sun): Locavore's Delight

May 26 (Sat): Ice Cream Social