Special Events 2016-17

Download a PDF flyer for special events & dance parties:


Sept. 24 (Sat): Harvest Dance

Oct 29 (Sat): Great Pumpkin Dance

Nov. 6 (Sun): Celebrating Fried's 90th
     Dances will be chosen from:
    At Rainbow's End
    Bonds of Harmony, The
    Cold Weather Waltz
    First Lady, The
    Hale-Bopp Circle
    Introduction, The
    Leather Lake House
    Six for the Six Proud Walkers
    These Golden Times
    Winnie the Pooh Cakewalk
    Winter Waltz
    Wood Duck, The
    Yola's Invitation

Nov. 26 (Sat): Thanksgiving Dance

Dec. 4 (Sun): Holiday Delight

Dec. 10 (Sat): Holiday Bonus

Dec. 31 (Sat): New Year's Eve


Jan. 21 (Sat): Winter Meltdown

Feb. 5 (Sun): Chocolate Round-O

Mar. 5 (Sun): Ease & Elegance: Workshop (Another Look at the Dances of Pat Shaw) & Dance Party

Mar. 25 (Sat): Celebration of Spring Ball  (Introduction to this ball)

        Apley House

        Bar A Bar

        Bryon’s Boutade

        The Gay Gaddabout

        Golden Alexanders


        Joy After Sorrow

        Leather Lake House

        A Merry Conceit

        Miss deJersey’s Memorial

        Morecambe Bay

        Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot


        Never Love Thee More

        Peace Be With You

        Rose of Sharon

        Round Pond

        The Severn Bore

        Waterfall Waltz

        Whimbleton House

Ball dance instructions

Ball Practice Grid

Links to videos of most of these ball dances

Apr. 2 (Sat): April Breezes

Apr. 22 (Sat): April Showers

May 7 (Sun): May Flowers

May 27 (Sat): Ice Cream Social