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Are you there looking for a perfect way to display your sign(s)? If the answer is yes, then worry no more as the solution is unveiled herein. Perhaps, you must have heard of Clip Strip Corp., the state-of-the heart company that is highly applauded for its outstanding holders.

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Yes, it is one of the leading corporations that is dedicated in carrying out a wide variety of countertop sign holders that suits the needs of its clients. Indeed, if you need countertop sign holders that work from the off-walls, ceilings, to floor units, on the countertop and on the shelf edge, then this is the place to be!

Countertop Sign Holders

Ideally, the two-sided tape has been known to do well for the stockroom, but belief it or not, an elegant sign holder from the Clip Strip Corp. will definitely add style to your store. Some of the outstanding sign holders offered by the above company include the shelf edge clips, Roto clip systems, channel systems & label holders, flag sign systems, gondola signage, wobblers, vinyl pouches, and many more. 

Clip Strip Corp

In addition, everything ranging from banner stands to modular sing frames kits and of course, the sign holder stands are also found in plenty.

Aluminum Sign Holders

It is not a without a reason that the countertop sign holders from Clip Strip Corp is highly valued! Basically, their shelf edge clips are ideally cool and perfect that catches the eyes/attention of a client, and the ultimate result is an instant killer sales. On the other hand, the store shelf sign holder(s) integrates into the pricing channel, whereas the signage strip(s) slips into the shelf adhesive and plastic sign holders and work effectively on many retail display(s). Equally, other options of shelf edge holders allows the retailer to hang his/her sign(s) below the shelf or just pop it right out of the shelf. Finally, the ��Roto Clip’ clips on the sign holders with the aim of offering unparalleled flexibility.

Easel Back Sign Holders

Other outstanding countertop sign holders At Clip Strip Corporation for store displays include The Flat Surface sign holders, The Split rings, The Wire Rack Label holders, The Clip on Price holders/tags (for wire fixtures), The Suction Cup sign holders, The Sing Channel (basically for metro-style shelving), and many more. 

Shelf Sign Holders


Are you still wondering where you can get the amazing sign holders for your retail merchandise? Well, think no more, think quality countertop sign holders as well as perfect merchandise display materials at The Clip Strip Corporation. 

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