Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu

Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu

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Count Drawko


Aaron Andrew Cooper

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The Book of True Knowledge


The goal of Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu:  Mastery of True Power by allowing True Power to Master One’s Self. 

The key is not to Master True Power, but for True Power to Master One. 

In this Way, Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu strikes via eternal Principle as Serpentine’s Fire.  

In correspondence with teachings of La Tsu, The Principle that can be enunciated is not the one that always was.  Likewise, the Principle that can be enunciated is not the one that always is.  Further, the Principle that can be enunciated is not the one that always will be.  The Way that can be told is told.  In regards to the Eternal Way within the Soul of the Believer, the Eternal Way transgresses through barriers of language, conscious thought, temporal existentialism, and disillusionment within present reality with a true meaning that triumphs over countless names.   

The Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu Martial Arts Style involves myriad forms manifesting themselves harmoniously with the Forces of Nature.  Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu Power is magically summoned from the Formless Form Roots of the Arts, the Forms without Form, and bestowed upon the holy, sacred, and worthy.  Encompassing branches, flowers, and leaves within the forest of Martial Artistry, Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu strikes in accordance with the strategy of the void, deriving energy from Zah and branching through forces of duality amidst powers of nature. 

In majority, Yin remains concealed as Yang sets forth in the Attitude No Attitude Manner described by Ko Misashi.  Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu evokes Ni To Ichi strategy cultivated through arts of revealing dispositions through various applications while including numerous meanings and proven techniques for the assertion of disciplines and the attainment of resourcefulness. 

Indeed, material and immaterial manifestations of reality interrelate in this present dimension and in that dimension which parallels the other side of existence. 

A vessel is shaped to hold waters of life and it is the emptiness inside of the vessel which enables the usefulness of the object.  In this way, Black Lightning Nin Ji Tsu incorporates six point strategies as derived through the void element:

  1.  Learn from the past

  2. Build upon foundation

  3. Make the best of the present

  4. Work towards a better future

  5. Keep strong

  6. One step at a time

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