Black Lightning Ninjitsu

Black Lightning Ninjitsu 

By:  Count Drawko

Registered Copyright 2017

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The goal of Black Lightning Ninjitsu is to Master the Serpent Power by allowing the Serpent Power to Master One’s Self.  The key is not to Master the Power, but for the Power to Master One.  In this Way, Black Lightning strikes from the eternal Principle as Serpentine’s Fire.  In correspondence with Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching,” The Principle that can be enunciated is not the one that always was.  Likewise, the Principle that can be enunciated is not the one that always is.  Further, the Principle that can be enunciated is not the one that always will be. 

The Black Lightning Style of Martial Arts is a form that manifests itself harmoniously with the Forces of Nature.  Black Lightning Power is summoned from the Formless Form, the root of martial arts.  Incorporating all branches, flowers, and leaves within the forest of Martial Artistry, Black Lightning Ninjitsu strikes by way of the void, deriving energy from the Tao and branching through the forces of duality.  In majority, the Yin remains concealed, as the Yang sets forth in the manner of Attitude No Attitude, as described by Miyamoto Musashi in the “Book of Five Rings.”  Black Lightning Ninjitsu incorporates my six point strategy as derived from the void:

  1.  Learn from the past

  2. Build upon foundation

  3. Make the best of the present

  4. Work towards a better future

  5. Keep strong

  6. One step at a time  

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