About Us

William H. Turner Technical Arts High School (Turner Tech)
The Student Services Department at William H. Turner Technical Arts High School supports the Miami-Dade County Public Schools' objective of developing each student’s potential for learning and fostering positive relationships with peers and adults. As an integral part of the students’ total instructional program, the Student Services staff offer a variety of services to encourage, and instruct our students in developing positive social, emotional, personal, and intellectual practices. It is the intent of Student Services to reduce barriers affecting student achievement while in high school.

School Mission:  The mission of William H. Turner Technical Arts High School is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to provide a rigorous curriculum that leads to high school graduation, college readiness, and industry certification for all students.  

William H. Turner Technical Arts High School opened its doors in 1993 as one of the first wall-to-wall career academy high schools in the Miami-Dade County School district. We currently have 6 academies and 24 program of study. Students attending William H. Turner Technical Arts High School are expected to graduate with a high school diploma, career certification, and                                                                                                 college readiness skills. 

All Academy Counselors are located in the main office
(See Student Services Bulletin for email addresses)
Dr. Renee Posey, Student Services Chairperson, Administrator, Criminal Justice Academy, AET Academy, and CEAD Academy. 


Lory Brill, Academy Counselor: Information Technology and Entrepreneurship, Business & Finance, and Construction Management & Architectural Technology. 


Nance Erdvig, College Assistant Advisor (CAP) and NHS


Dr. Kimberly P. McHenry,  Counselor for the Academy of Medical Science. 


Rosalind Shipman, Activities Director and Athletic Director.

Margrette Bastien, School Registrar

Christine Thompson, SPED and Gifted Facilitator

Student Services Faculty/Staff
Phone Contact: (305) 691-8324

             Dr. Renee Posey, Dept. Chair - Extension 2213    
                                                 Christine Thompson, ESE/Gifted - Extension 2288                                      
                                                         Lorraine Brill, Counselor - Extension 2232                                            
                                               Nancy Erdvig, CAP Advisor - Extension 2252                                   
                                                         Dr. Kimberly P. McHenry, Counselor - Extension 2233                                                                   
Rosalind Shipman, Activities Director - Extension 229
                                                         Margrette Bastien, Registrar - Extension 2271