About Me

I have been working as a Counsellor for 5 years in a variety of settings starting in a GP practice during training. This allowed me to gain a vast amount of experience working with numerous clients and various client presenting issues. After 2 years of work in this setting, I worked in a voluntary agency in a women's centre working with female victims of domestic abuse and violence. After this I was a volunteer for a year with the Mental 
Health Independant support group (MHIST) working with clients presenting with issues of anxiety, depression, confidence issues and other issues affecting their lives. I currently work in a prison setting within an IAPT system for inmates presenting with Mental Health issues. 

My work is based mainly around the understanding that a lot of our negativity comes from earlier relationships which can influence the way we think, feel and  behave. As we become more aware, we can create changes for ourselves applying a more positive and focused way of being and achieve many goals on a new journey. 

I have recently qualified as a Professional Hypnotherapist of which is accredited and recognised by the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association (PHPA) and have also completed a Mindfulness Diploma to apply various other techniques to suit individual needs 

Qualifications and training 
BSc Honours - Clinical Physiology 
HNC - Medical Physics 
Counselling - level 2 and 3 (ABC Awards) 
Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (level 4) 
Supervision certificate CRUSE bereavement (Ascentis award) 
Ongoing Personal development training courses
Mindfulness Diploma 
Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma (PHPA)