Wild Moon

Menstruality Mentoring

Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) is a way for women to connect with their deepest knowing and provides them with the tools they need to flourish in all aspects of their lives. By working with the rhythms of the menstrual cycle woman can;

Overcome physical problems such as PMS and painful periods

Learn how to work with their cycles so they can be more successful and confident

Become more attuned with what they need to promote health and wellbeing

Heal from trauma by connecting to deeper parts of the self in a nurturing way

Become part of a growing global community of women who honour their bodies and womanhood

Learn how to use ancient female wisdom in a way that works in our modern world

Be connected to the true wildness of womanhood and feel more in tune with the cycles of nature

Experience deep joy on many levels using very simple practices

Step into their true power as women

How it works

As a menstruality mentor I have trained with Red School to support you to work with your menstrual cycle using a system of coaching, guided visualisation and creativity. How you practice your MCA will be individual to you but I will be there as your guide to support you in a safe and gentle way which honours your personal circumstances and life experiences.

Individual sessions are £70 and usually take place monthly at my therapy room in Sudbury Suffolk or via Video link.

Block bookings of four session are £230

To learn more about MCA and to find resources go to https://redschool.net/about/

The Red Tent movement was originally inspired by Anita Diamant's novel titled The Red Tent, which is a re-imagining of the Biblical story of Dinah. The story was inspired by the moon lodges and menstral huts of tribal and ancient cultures around the world and from it the Red Tent Movement came to be. Now there are red tents all over the world!

Red Tent

Sudbury Red Tent is a womens circle which was founded in January 2017. It is a sacred space for women to come together in sisterhood and to honour The Divine Feminine in all women regardless of age or faith. It is a welcoming, inviting, creative space to talk, eat, sing, dance, listen, tell stories, work on crafts or just be.

Sudbury Red Tent welcomes all women including those in the transgender community.

We meet on the Monday on or near to the New Moon each month at 7.30pm until 10.30pm. Women are asked to bring a donation of £3 and some food to share. Drinks are provided.

To attend Sudbury Red Tent please contact sudburyredtent@gmail.com or call me on 0778 339 1394. You can also like us on Facebook here and get regular updates of when red tents will be held.

If you would like to attend a Red Tent near to you then have a look on the Red Tent Directory for more information about Red Tents in your area.