Welcome to my Counselling Website.  I hope that in these pages you will find the information you are looking for, and what Counselling & Psychotherapy can offer you.

When we are experiencing difficult periods in our lives, it ‘can be’ easier to talk through our problems with someone who is not going to judge us, or who will not become upset like family and friends can when they hear of your distress.

The right kind of support can be enough to help us through a difficult period, or you may prefer to do some longer term work for more deeper entrenched problems that you may have had for some time.

       However long you decide to be in Therapy, the choice will be yours.

       Look through the pages to see how you can start as the decision is yours as to the medium we use.
Due to the current social distancing requirements I am also offering Zoom meetings, or Skype, Teams, What's App or Telephone calls by prior arrangement.
Fees are in the 'What to expect from Therapy' page, or email/Tel to enquire.