Quick Catalogue

Feedback from our customers tells us that some of the titles of our DVDs do us no favours - they'e a little on the oblique side. If you want a programme on basic counselling skills, for example, then you'd be more likely to look for a title like "Basic Counselling Skills" than "Are you in Zennor?"   
We might have been being a little too clever for our own good! We can't really come up with new titles for the old programmes but we can make things a little easier with the grid below. The "subject" column is what you might be looking for, the "titles" column tells you which DVDs cover that subject.

Subject    Titles
CBT        An Introduction to CBT
CBT Skills in Practice
CBT for Depression
Counselling skillsAre you in Zennor?
Good Practice, Bad Practice (Counselling skills in the workplace)
Reflections in Counselling
The Client, the Counsellor and the Unsuitable Friend
Counselling Practice       Talking about counselling
Counselling Demonstration & Analysis            The Client, the Counsellor and the Unsuitable Friend
Good Practice, Bad Practice (Counselling skills in the workplace)
A Person Centred Counsellor
Counselling TrainingTraining Essentials
The Counselling Trainer's Handbook
Law & Ethics Counselling, Confidentiality and the Law, Therapists and Professional Negligence: A Duty of Care?
Ethical considerations what working with childrenA Confidential Space
Key Theorists & Writers"In Conversation" Series - Tim Bond, Dave Mearns, Michael Jacobs, Gerard Egan, Dorothy Rowe, Francesca Inskipp and Brigid Proctor.
Online Therapy                         Online Therapy (an obvious title at last!)
Scrapbook making for people with DementiaMaking Memories
Self CareA Personal First Aid Kit
SupervisionMaking the Most of Supervision
Creative Group Supervision
Telephone counselling Holding the Line
 Weight Management Thought for Food