Good Practice, Bad Practice (Counselling skills in the workplace)

The work  in this programme centres around two unscripted role plays in which we see a manager holding a meeting with one of her key workers. In one of these role plays she uses what are generally called “counselling skills” though what she’s using might equally well be called good "communication skills". In the other she doesn’t. In fact it’s pretty hard to put a label onto what she does do – other than to say that it’s bad practice! 

The key worker has asked for this meeting and so he knows what he wants to talk about - he has his own agenda. The manager doesn’t know what to expect. of course, and if she is going to learn what that agenda is, she’ll need to listen to him, to give him the floor. The extent to which she does this is the subject of this programme. If she doesn’t really listen to him it’s unlikely that there will be a very satisfactory outcome.

You’ll get the chance to look at the sessions and see what you think of them, and to make some notes.  A time code has been added to the programme and this will help you in this process - you might find it worth jotting down that time code against the notes you make – since this will help you to identify the points being made later on.  You’ll then see the sessions again, but with a commentary identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the two approaches. You can compare your notes with the commentary.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that however good a piece of work is it’s never going to be perfect, and nor should we expect it to be -  but by identifying everything that goes wrong in a session we’re simply more able to learn.

Running time: 48 minutes