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About the Coat of Arms


The Australasian Council of Paramedicine aims to be the peak professional organisation that represents Paramedics by lobbying and making representation to Government, Ambulance Services, Employer groups, Health Services, Health Professionals and Inquiries about professional issues that affect the profession within Australia, New Zealand and Pacific.

Role of the Council;

The Australasian Council of Paramedicine is a peak professional organisation that aims to represent it’s members and the paramedic profession in professional issues by;

Being an effective lobby group to Government, Employers, Health Services and other groups that will benefit the profession and the community;

  • Lobbying politicians, public servants, and leaders of the community on behalf of the paramedic profession;
  • Developing Policy positions and statements on behalf of the members;
  • Responding to articles, documents, reports or letters that are related to the role of the paramedic;
  • Making submissions to Reviews, Working Parties, Committees or other form of Government Inquires that are relevant to the profession;
  • Making comment in relation to regulation and practice of paramedicine;
  • Developing and issuing press releases related to issues in paramedicine;
  • Taking part in the development and review of educational curriculum or programs for students and paramedics;
  • Pushing for state registration and autonomous clinical practice for paramedics
  • Developing a research culture within paramedicine;
  • Encouraging a culture of ongoing and continuing education of paramedics.

Essentially the Council is an organised gathering of paramedics with mutual beliefs who work for the benefit of the paramedic profession.

The Council is not a Union and does not represent members in an industrial setting.  This does not mean that the Council will not make comment about industrial issues or disputes.

ACP does not compete with the Australian College  of Ambulance Professionals (ACAP).  ACP fully supports ACAP’s role and function. 

ACP is a political organisation that works for best possible outcomes for the members of the profession and the community.