A lot of the old coulter manuals have been lost over the years. Special thanks to Allen for sending me a copy so I could get it up on the web. The manual was not specific to any aparticular scope. This same manual was shipped with many models.

I've also included the "New Odyssey Focuser" instructions that came with my scope.

Of particular interest is the discussion of "visual equalization" which many people read as "don't push your magnification too high or you won't be happy with our mirrors." Read and decide for yourself on pages six and seven.

Also of interest is the diagram showing how to make an aperture mask for a coulter on page five.

Page One: Images of Odyssey 8 and Odyssey Compact
Page Two: Images of Odyssey 1 and Odyssey 2
Page Three: Introduction
Page Four: Operation: Seeing the Moon and Planets
Page Five: Operation Continued: The Off-Axis Aperture Stop
Page Six: Operation Continued: Seeing Galaxies, Nebulae and Star Clusters
Page Seven: Operation Continued: More on Visual Equalization
Page Eight: Maintenance
Page Nine: Maintenance Continued: Collimation
Page Ten: Accessories: Cleaning
Page Eleven:Cleaning Continued
Page Twelve: Telescope Specifications
Page Thirteen: Telescope Specifications: 8 and 10.1 inch
Page Fourteen: Telescope Specifications: 13.1 and 17.5 inch
Page Fifteen: A Final Word: 1986 letter from James A. Braginton

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