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July 24


Lecturer (Physics)

New Year's Crafting Resolutions
1)  Work yarn "from stash" or buy yarn only from local shops. 
After working with real yarn-shop quality yarn, I can't go back to the cheapo stuff, unless I somehow get into a "yarn-bombing" group (or need to make an afghan, which I don't see myself doing this year at least).  I know you can also buy quality stuff online... but it seems much better to support the local shops.
2)  Finish 2 crochets projects monthly. 
Easy.  E lets me crochet while she plays in the sand, makes me "coffee" with her tea set, "cleans" the tea set in the bathroom sink, and, at her laziest, watches movies.  Also sometimes she wants a hook to "help," or a bit of yarn and a hook herself, or at the worst a set of knitting needles to "play drums"... and while Dad views these as dangerous, I watch her carefully and feel happy that she wants to participate.
3)  Sew once monthly.
Harder; E wants to use the machine, which is dangerous.  I've only cranked it up recently when I needed to mildly repair some of the spouse's suits.  I'm thinking maybe I need to just work on making E that baby-clothes scrap quilt, using a "quilt as you go technique... and this is why I'm not saying "1 project monthly."
4)  Blog about my projects on Patternreview and Ravelry.  These sites succeed because of contributions.  Now that E's becoming more and more able to amuse herself, I need to get pictures and reviews up again on these sites.  Not that I'm going to neglect ever-important reading and play, mind you...